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Crazie K!D AnonYmouS Drops “Stay Ready And Willing” – @C_K_Anon #StayRAWLP


Webster’s dictionary defines the word “anonymous” as “having no outstanding, individual, or unusual features; unremarkable or impersonal.” Philadelphia’s own Crazie K!D AnonYmouS is living proof this doesn’t always apply when it comes to that term.

Starting rap at the early age of 12, raised by a father who DJed numerous block parties, you could say that Crazie K!D was born to make music. Over the years he’s been coached by Philly legends new and old such as Chuck Nice of 3 Times Dope and DJ No Phrillz. With influences ranging from Big Pun to Nirvana to Edgar Allen Poe, the young veteran emcee is certainly anything but “unremarkable”. CKA also has a unique accomplishment under his belt that most local artists dream of: he has performed overseas, specifically in Iraq while serving this great nation.

The military discipline mindset is evident in Crazie K!D’s precise writing style and diligent work ethic. Other accolades he has already racked up include a show with Crooked I of Slaughterhouse, recording tracks with Reef the Lost Cauze & Rich Quick, and numerous victories at poetry slam competitions, which is a testament to his versatility. What really makes Crazie K!D AnonYmouS an intriguing artist though, is his life story itself.

Anonymous Back.jpg


This young man has been though three of the roughest terrains anyone can go through the military, the prison system and of course, the streets of North Philly. The influence from all three of these chapters in CKA’s life is evident in his tracks. Crazie K!D has released four mixtapes since the start of career all leading up to the “Taking Over the Throne” album, entirely produced by Fatman Elite (known as Da ILL together).

Each release has chronicled the rapper’s progression in both his craft and life in general; however, the best is yet to come. The last part of Crazie K!D Anonymous’ name may imply that he isn’t “outstanding”, “remarkable” or an “individual” but one listen will show you that he is, in fact, all of that and more.

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Chris Rhoadz – Whatchu Bout (Prod. HIGHTHUMB)

Chris Rhoadz is an independent hiphop artist from Miami Fl USA. His music and style is influenced by and similar to that of Postmalone, Travis Scott, Ski mask the slump god, and Lil Uzi Vert. He is beginning to make some waves with his most popular track reaching over 30k new listeners on Soundcloud. He is determined and working hard to make himself known.

“My music is an extension of my being, all about positive. I do chase for depth and am not afraid to channel my demons into my music, I do hope to show more of my depth in my future projects. But as of now my music is all about good vibes and not giving a f#@&k. When you listen if you get a different interpretation by all means i wont try to look down on it. Art is meant to and can be perceived in many different ways.” – Chris Rhoadz

Check out his latest single Whatchu Bout below and be sure to follow.



🎵 Crippled Mane – One True Pair [single] 🎵

Crippled Mane’s latest track title One True Pair is a love song. The versatile artist is the latest to come our way. This underground independent musician producers music from trap type to the kind that give you the feels. Check out his entire soundtrack on soundcloud.

Instagram @ Crippled_Mane

Sour Angel – Luv Me ft. KiD3RD [Song Review]

Sour Angel’s highly articulate delivery flows through flawlessly on the celebratory “Luv Me ft. KiD3RD”. Done with the utmost of care, the way the track combines playfulness and tenderness into a single style works wonders. Melodically rich, the way the song evolves feels just right, finding a great balanced sound. Beats have an aggressive physicality to them, while they virtually seem to bounce off the walls at times. Attention to detail means that Sour Angel allows the whole track to build in a most majestic way, which means volume virtually is a must, in order to truly get the whole scope.

Glistening keys introduce the song, helping to set the mood to a certain degree. Full of tenderness, the song comes into focus embracing a giddiness. Vocals intermingle resulting in a wild approach, one that at times feels nearly unhinged. Bass rumbles help the song move forward with such grace. Lyrics emphasis a life lived to the absolute fullest, of recalling previous nights, of friends and those moments where a person can become truly defined. While the piece builds up it grows ever more potent with its style, allowing for a greater amount of energy to truly pour through it all. Beats go for a nimbleness in the latter half, while the lyrics become increasingly more and more personal. When the vocals simply drift away the song gets reflective before it carefully fades out.

With “Luv Me ft. KiD3RD” Soul Angel delves into a highly personal journey, one that becomes all consuming.

About the artist:
Sour Angel is a 19 year old hip-hop artist fro Phoenix, AZ. He has been doing music for 3 years now and writes all of his lyrics himself. Influenced and inspired by Berner, Wiz Khalifa, & Future amongst others, he is a huge advocate for the legalization of marijuana and has aspirations to transcend music and make a name for himself in the MMJ industry as well. A member of Ghost Town, a collective of artists from around Arizona, he has performed at the 4th Annual AZ Hip Hop Festival and opened up for Twista, Ali Tomineek, & The Terrorist Angel Babies from Neptune. His WEED SMOKE to BEAST MODE EP drops 4/20/18 on all streaming platforms.

Instagram: @sour.angel32

5k Giveaway! King Nitty Drops His Video To His Single “It’s Gone Be A Problem”

Hailing from the city of Chicago, King Nitty has firmly established himself as an underground legend of sorts. Having worked with the likes of Akon, Shawnna, Too Short, B.o.B, Rick Ross and more, the wordsmith has built himself quite the following. Today, he returns to claim his throne with his new video “It’s Gone Be A Problem,” With heavy 808’s and a distinguished bravado pounding your speakers into submission this is surely set to make a big impact as a massive street anthem.

King Kitty holds nothing back in breaking through in music scene. He is currently giving away 5k, yes thats right, $5,000 to one lucky fan who downloads the album and uploads a screenshot of the purchase to their instagram. More details in the video.

Known for its intense realness, raw honesty and rough edges, Chicago, IL has given birth to some of the greatest legends in rap and Hip Hop. Both a mecca of creativity and a concrete jungle the city serves as a gateway to the Midwest; a lyrical battlefield where rappers fight to the top and only the strong survive. Bursting with passionate bars, expressive vigor, and a street fury to match, King Nitty emerges as a master of his fate, ready and willing to change the face of the industry.

Growing up on the southside of Chicago, King Nitty was raised to love music. After years of watching his sister practice, his mother bought him a keyboard when he was six years old; providing the future lyricist, even more, a reason to follow his dad around, who was a local DJ. King Nitty’s Father instilled in him – an appreciation for beautiful sounds – as he spun old school records like Earth, Wind & Fire and Heatwave throughout their home. Nitty’s fondness for melodies and rhythms evolved into a fascination with music that would carry throughout his career.

The course of King Nitty’s life would change when he and his family relocated to one of Chicago’s most notorious housing projects Cabrini Green following his mother’s release from incarceration. At the age of fifteen, music became his therapy after the tragic death of his father from drug abuse, a striking blow that would change his life. The young Rhymesmith turned to his pen and pad, letting music become his passion and his therapy. Writing dulled the pain and gave him a peace of mind that allowed him to escape and fine tune his lyrical style as he embraced the traditional, music values his father had taught him while creating a signature flow of his own. An impressionable flow – at the age of seventeen – that landed opportunities to work with such artists as Rick Ross, Kris Kross, Too Short, MC Breed, Syleena Johnson, Johnny P, Akon, and Shawnna. The young Nitty had something to prove to himself and accomplished that by opening up for such artists as T.I. , Young Buck, and Slim Thug.

A few years later, after developing his style, and learning the business, King Nitty started Mill Pond Enterprise – an Atlanta independent record label – geared toward creating, producing, filming marketing and distributing his content to the masses. It was there that he released his EP, “Whatever It Takes,” flooding the Chicago streets with over 10,000 units. Continuing with well over 300K downloads and streams on various music platforms. The EP solidified King Nitty as a Chicago staple. His sound is influenced by 2Pac, Twista, Scarface, Crucial Conflict and Do or Die. His loyal fan base could both relate and understand his aggressive delivery; laying the foundation for a stream of successful content releases including No Surrender, No Retreat, Never Falling Off, Hustle Now Rap Later 1 and Hustle Now Rap Later 2.

Through a methodical release of consumer-driven content to his target demographic, while increasing exposure to prospective listeners both in Chicago and beyond, the strategy of the King Nitty brand is to familiarize audience member with the name King Nitty while setting the standard for classic, Midwest lyricism in the 21st century.

Moving forward – yet never forgetting his past, King Nitty’s testimony bleeds through his music. His ability to transcend tragedy triumphantly encompasses the true meaning of Hip Hop….

Link :

Interview with World Music Artist Janeliasoul

Janelia aka Janeliasoul, is a world music artist with an upcoming project called ‘Self Affirmation Project’. Her music is greatly anticipated and we cannot wait to hear it when it releases. We have been speaking with Janelia for a little while now and she has shared with us an interview that she has done.

We would like to share this interview with our fans. Hope you enjoy it and be sure to follow to keep up with the progress of this project.


HI Janelia, thanks so much for the interview – what can you tell us about your upcoming releases?

J: My upcoming release is an album about self-affirmations and it is recorded with all live musical instruments. Until now, self-affirmations are in form of spoken word that one speaks to one’s self. However, my upcoming album is a musical self-affirmation that one can sing, listen to and even dance to. I am presenting it as an EP album with 6 songs and the album is titled the “Self Affirmation Project”.

Is there an underlying concept or thread throughout the new album?

J: As the name of the album reflects i.e. the “Self-affirmation Project”, all the title of the songs on the album begins with “I Am” affirmations. For example, the first single from the album is titled “I Am Bold”.

Who or what first inspired you to start writing and creating music in this way?

J : The songs on the album were inspired when I discovered the power of positive thinking and using affirmations as a solution for negative self-talk. Affirmations have helped me create magic in my life and to find my inner genius as an artist. So much so that I wanted to use my songs as an instrument of impact by recording probably the world’s first album dedicated to self-affirmations.

If a listener only had time to listen to one of your songs to date, which would you recommend, and why?

J: I would recommend the first single from my upcoming album titled “I Am Bold” because it is catchy, hypnotic and introduces the listener to several self-affirmations. Although it is titled “I Am Bold”, the song encompasses other powerful self-affirmations such as having the power to create change. “I Am Bold” as the first single from the album will be released on June 5, 2018.

Are there any exciting collaborations on the cards that audiences can look forward to?
Yes, there are a couple of collaborations with other artists. I also did a cover of one of Beyoncé’s songs. However, everyone would have to wait until the album drops so as not to ruin the element of surprise. My version of Beyoncé’s original will be a unique and pleasant surprise on the album.

In what ways has your approach to creativity and performance changed or evolved over time?

J: When I first started making music, I tried to put myself in a box and label myself as R&B because I felt I had to belong in that category. However, over time I have learned to take a “best of both worlds” approach to my music being that I am both a Nigerian and an American. You will see and hear these influences when I am on stage with my band and in my new album. The traditional African rhythms is present with the modern afro-pop sounds, mixed with soul and other contemporary genres. The beauty of my current approach is that I get do a fusion of different types of music and it still falls under the one category of World music.

How important is live performance for you as an artist, and what can audiences expect from a live show?

J: Live performances are at the heart of everything I do as an artist because I began performing live long before I started writing songs. This is one of the reasons why I decided to record the album with all live instruments. When audiences come to my live show, they can expect to see an engaging and entertaining representation of the songs on my new album and songs from prior releases.

What are your hopes for the future, and what’s the bigger picture?

J: As I mentioned earlier, this is probably the world’s first album dedicated to self-affirmations and it is my hope that it would wow the world when it drops on July 13, 2018. The bigger picture would be to go on a national and international “New Album Tour” so as to bring these very powerful songs live to as many people as possible.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

J: Yes, I am shooting a video diary of this journey and on June 5, 2018 I am going to launch a weekly YouTube Vlog about the making of the album. I will upload a new episode every Tuesday and it will let viewers in on the behind the scenes and the creative process of the Self Affirmation Project. I would like to use this opportunity to invite everyone to come along this life changing adventure with me by subscribing to my YouTube channel


Yoko Purp – Yoko Purp [Album Review]

Yoko Purp goes for a defiant visceral style with the hypnotic flow of his self-titled effort. Lyrics have a playful quality to them while Yoko Purp opts for observations on life, the ups and downs that filter into relationships. Over the course of the collection Yoko Purp embraces a hazy, late-night vibe throughout every time. Songs perfectly work together to create something that feels so real. Production further emphasizes this mysterious aura, with nimble beats and haunting melodies that define the entirety of it all. Attention to detail means that the hazy, dazed spirit works wonders.

An IDM-inspired neon-hued melody introduces everything with “Money Stretch”. With a swagger of sorts, the piece unfurls with the utmost of grace. Yoko Purp’s flow feels fresh, full of tremendous insight. Gentler with its tone “Upset” has a contemplative quality to it, as the whole piece builds up every so quietly, as the multifaceted approach adds to its reassuring atmosphere. Minimalism rests at the heart of “Pull Up” where Yoko Purp’s lyricism has a commanding presence to it. Bass rumbles leads the way on the intensity of “Spazz” with glistening melodies intermingling to create an ornate structure. Perfectly bringing everything to a close “Cash” goes for a reflective quality of sorts.

Throughout the entirety of his self-titled effort, Yoko Purp goes for a shadowy presence, one that rejects the light for something less obvious, something that is reflected within his clever lyricism as well.

Special Ollie – Half of Everything is Luck [DEMO]

Italian New Yorker from Rochester, Trippy, folksy rap and sometimes just folksy/alternative music.

Bigg – All Out [Album Review]

Going for a truly massive sound, Bigg delves into a kaleidoscopic rush of color on the stylistic tour de force of “All Out”. From dubstep to EDM to hip-hop with even classical flourishes, production feels flawless. By far the true heart and soul comes from Bigg’s masterful flow, whose commanding lyrical might ties all of it together in a most fantastic fashion. Layer upon layer comes into the mix resulting in a world that feels so danged colorful. Melodies are positively infectious, and the hooks are aplenty throughout.

On the title track “All Out” Bigg sets the atmosphere of the album, with a gargantuan style that overwhelms. A minimal tense style defines the intense “Ha Noi God”. With “Kanye East” Bigg has a particularly fine time messing with Kayne West, creating some rather enjoyable disses alongside a beautiful sample. With “Roll Up Interlude (Ft. Remi-D)” Bigg lets the song unfurl in a dramatic fashion. Dreamy multifaceted layers come into play on the potent spaciousness of “Starving”. Building things up quite masterfully is the fanfare of “Money & Bitches”. Bigg’s lyricism works wonders on the snapshot of a life that flows through “Belong”. Delivered straight from the heart the earnestness of “A Little Longer” serves as the highlight of the album. The funk of “One Day Interlude” gives the track a luxurious quality to it. Ending things on a contemplative, meditative note the soothing optimism of “Late Night, Red Wine & Cigarette Interlude”.

Bigg’s “All Out” goes for a wild, unhinged quality one that shows how powerful rap can be in telling a story of a journey through a whole life.

Russian Hack Job – James Harden (Riding Rockets)

Neon-hued melodies with a collage-like approach to songwriting, the fantastic flow of Russian Hack Job’s “James Harden (Riding Rockets)” possesses hypnotic, addictive grooves. Lyrically masterful, Russian Hack Job proves to have such compelling vocalists. Layer upon layer of sound comes into the mix, resulting in a virtual kaleidoscopic style. The psychedelic quality of the track simply stuns, with multiple hooks and rhythms coming together to create a virtual tapestry. Woven together with the utmost of care, the rhythms have a nimble quality to them, feeling akin to origami at times while the beats bounce off each other. Stylistically, Russian Hack Job draws from jazz, pop, R&B, all anchored with a hip-hop aesthetic.

Glistening keys introduce the piece on a luxurious note. When the vocals come into the mix they have a commanding presence to them. From the way the groove evolves to the way that the many layers come together, it all feels so soothing. Lyrics incorporate a sci-fi aesthetic at times, while they are peppered with a wide array of pop references done with the greatest of care. Vocals increase in intensity, while they possess such a great deal of energy. Hyperkinetic to its core, the piece swirls about with such tremendous vigor. Towards the latter half of the entire piece it all reaches a virtual fevered pitch, with everything coming to a wonderful peak.

Russian Hack Job’s “James Harden (Riding Rockets)” is a transformative experience, one that deserves full and complete attention.

CesarJC – One Time

CesarJC is a 19yr old hiphop artist out of Linden, NJ. His latest single, One Time, is streaming on Soundcloud and gaining much popularity. Since the release just three days ago, the track has already gained over 4k plays. Check it out below. CesarJC is putting his all into his music career. His last track “Deserving Irving” has reached over 7,000 plays on Soundcloud.

Phoenix O’Neill Releases Two Heartfelt Singles [Pop Music]

Phoenix O’Neill is a 23 year-old indie pop singer-songwriter based in Watford, North London. Last year, her amazing voice and her intricate, dark songs caught the interest of producer James Sanger, best known for his work with Dido, Keane, Siobhan Donaghy and Brian Eno. Since then, James has teamed up with Paul Kilmister to form ‘SangMister Music’ through which they have been developing Phoenix’ unique, haunting and hypnotic sound.

Phoenix’s spellbinding vocals have been compared to such talents as Meg Mac, Amy Winehouse and Elle King, with eerie melodies similar to Massive Attack and Portishead. As stylistic overall influences, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, and Adele were paramount, as was Amy Winehouse specifically for tonality.

“Cruel World,” and “I Need You” her new single, is taken from her upcoming EP “Out of the Ashes” which will be release on April 30th. It has drawn early comparisons to Lana Del Rey, Becky Hill and Lorde. She has recently joined forces with some musicians from Watford and Brighton to form a band and is looking forward to performing around the UK.



Showcase Musexpo April 30th 9 PM :

Management SangMister Music:

Phoenix O’Neill is supported by PRS Foundation international
Showcase Fund, which is run by PRS Foundation in partnership with Department of
lnternationalTrade (DIT), British Underground, Arts Council England, The Musicians’ Union
(MU), PPL, Creative Satland, Wales Afts lnternational and Wales Afts lnternational in
association with Pledge Music


NINO Reynoso brings the heat with his latest album, Pardon ME, now streaming on Soudncloud. Listen below.

2018 release.

“First generation Latino rapper out of Chicago. I paint vivvid pictures with the words I lay down on the loose leaf. Growing up I always stayed true to my Mexican roots, its something I try to incorporate in my music. I am very versatile as an artist, you could hear my on a hard beat or a laid back wavey beat. I think that its a result of all the musical influences I’ve absorbed growing up. I feel my music speaks for itself, I know the talent i have within, I feel if people take the time to listen to my art, they would understand me as a person and vibe with me.”

Wyatt James – High on Life Album

Wyatt James is a producer/recording artist from Canada (Ottawa, Ontario). Wyatt has been fascinated with music for a very long time and is an innovative musician always trying to do new things with his sound.

“I do a large variety of styles from calm rnb to aggressive trap music. The main thing that I want to achieve with my music is really just to make the world a better place and change as many people’s lives as I possibly can. I create the beat to every single song I make because producing is also one of my passions along with writing and recording.”

Check out his High on Life Mixtape Here


[Hip Hop] Linkz feat. Alicia Spurlock – TOAST

Hip Hop artist Linkz from Detroit, Michigan has his early roots during the time as a member of the underground group Slay Mafia. With his dark themed style and story driven concepts Linkz deliveries very relatable story telling on his album Outlines.

instagram : @itslinkzmusic
twitter: @itslinkzmusic

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