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Yoko Purp – Yoko Purp [Album Review]

Yoko Purp goes for a defiant visceral style with the hypnotic flow of his self-titled effort. Lyrics have a playful quality to them while Yoko Purp opts for observations on life, the ups and downs that filter into relationships. Over the course of the collection Yoko Purp embraces a hazy, late-night vibe throughout every time. Songs perfectly work together to create something that feels so real. Production further emphasizes this mysterious aura, with nimble beats and haunting melodies that define the entirety of it all. Attention to detail means that the hazy, dazed spirit works wonders.

An IDM-inspired neon-hued melody introduces everything with “Money Stretch”. With a swagger of sorts, the piece unfurls with the utmost of grace. Yoko Purp’s flow feels fresh, full of tremendous insight. Gentler with its tone “Upset” has a contemplative quality to it, as the whole piece builds up every so quietly, as the multifaceted approach adds to its reassuring atmosphere. Minimalism rests at the heart of “Pull Up” where Yoko Purp’s lyricism has a commanding presence to it. Bass rumbles leads the way on the intensity of “Spazz” with glistening melodies intermingling to create an ornate structure. Perfectly bringing everything to a close “Cash” goes for a reflective quality of sorts.

Throughout the entirety of his self-titled effort, Yoko Purp goes for a shadowy presence, one that rejects the light for something less obvious, something that is reflected within his clever lyricism as well.


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