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[Video] PacMan J – “Keys (Remix)”

PacMan J comes through with a remix to DJ Khaled’s popular cut, “Keys”. This one is the most recent release from the Maryland native but it won’t certainly be the last. Check out the visuals below and support good music when you hear it!


(Video) Dzyna – “Summer 17”


Seat Pleasant, Maryland native Dzyna comes through with a brand new set of visuals for his track “Summer 17”. He links with Wise Tarantino for Vigilante Visionz and brings his DonCardio produced cut to life. This one is just setting the tone for a big close out to 2017 and an even bigger lead in as he prepares to takeover in 2018. Look out for a lot more, coming soon! Check it out below.

(Music) JuTheFuture – “6Tokyo”


JuTheFuture links with Tower Beatz over a haunting instrumental for his brand new single “6Tokyo”. You can expect a big year ahead for Ju as he prepares to drop a lot more on our heads before the end of 2017. Check it out below and look out for the next release, coming soon!

(Music) Lil’ Quincy – “Gotta Eat”


Dallas native Lil’ Quincy comes through with his newest single “Gotta Eat”. This one is a banger and plays out so that you know Quincy is going to do big things in this game. Look out for a lot more from the rising emcee. Also, check out his video for “Anything” below.

(Music) Arkay – “Shine On”


Patterson, NJ native Arkay returns with a brand new single she’s calling “Shine On”. For her latest release the emcee goes on to poke fun at the stupidity of today’s generation and has a lot of fun doing it. She deserve’s the spotlight and knows it, and if she has to poke fun at things to get there, then so be it! This one is over a Logic & 6ix production and definitely show’s off her skill and talent. Check it out below!

(Video) Tapage HD – “Mind State (Intro)”


Brooklyn emcee Tapage HD comes through with the Intro to his upcoming mixtape “No Tomorrow” he’s calling “Mind State”. THis one is a Ninja Magic and Who Vision Films production and is a quick reminder that he isn’t one to play around and is here to lay his stake in the game. Look out for the upcoming project, presented by New Stay Sober, coming very soon!

(Music) JBdaPilot Ft. BJ The Chicago Kid – “These Days”


Rapper/songwriter JBdaPilot considers himself a reflection of his native Virginia Beach, and with his new single “These Days” he’s painting the city in a favorable light.

Not constrained by any of the common rap sub-genres like Backpack, Conscious or Gangster, JBdaPilot has created his own style. Blended together from his personality, the highs and lows of his life in Virginia Beach, and tales from his days in corporate America, JBdaPilot’s style is distinct and easy to connect with.

“These Days”, produced by Bub Ruth, is a first hand account of JB’s newly acquired lifestyle.

“It’s the first official release leading up to my project. I felt it was important to give people an update on where I was musically as well as the changes I’ve made in my personal life. These days, things are just a little bit different for me.” — JBdaPilot

The song comes together as a smooth, engaging ride that keeps you hooked until the last beat. BJ The Chicago kid adds the finishing touches that will make listeners return time and time again. “These Days” will be available on Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify and Tidal.

As a stepping stone on the path to the top JBdaPilot has collaborated with leading producers and artists such as Kinobeats, B!nk, BJ The Chicago Kid and Young Money Yawn, just to name a few. JBdaPilot’s past hit singles include “Jerry Maguire” featuring Phil Ade, and his solo effort “Don’t Worry”.

2017 is a big year for JBdaPilot. After “These Days”, he has a mixtape slated for release. “These Are Dark Times” is expected later this year. To listen to JBdaPilot’s music, or for updates on “These Are Dark Times” and future releases, go to, or follow him on Facebook, Twitter (@JBdaPilot), Instagram (@JBdaPilot) and Soundcloud.

(Music) Kudoz – “Revenue”


If you know like I know money is the motive on a daily basis. Kudoz hits you with morphing cadences and defining lyrics to prove that he is really no newcomer to the game. “Revenue” is a must listen and a jam for the rest of the year. Outcasted from Montgomery, Al Kudoz is bringing a thriving cultural sound to a new era, eager for a break outside the normal. Not many have the potential to break the barriers of life and recreate images so vividly with words from a southern point of view until now. “Revenue” produced by DJ Patt delivers a new wave and sound unheard from under the radar Alabama.

(Music) KashMir – “On Go” x “Hennything”


Toledo, Ohio artist KashMir comes through with two brand new songs! Says the young emcee about “On Go” and “Hennything”…

On Go

This is one of my best songs out. It’s about having fun not having no worries at all. Everything is “On Go”, your girlfriend is down for you she’s going to do whatever you ask or need done. Your friends are “On Go” meaning they’re down for whatever you’re trying to do.


This song is about chilling with a female and it’s a nice vibe going on. You’ve been drinking hennessy and now your drunk and you want to take things to another level and you’re telling her that “we can do hennything”.

Check them both out below and support good music!

(Video) Alski Ft. Skinnyfromthe9 – “Kryptonite”


Alski comes through with a brand new track called “Kyrptonite”, featuring Skinnyfromthe9. The song and its lyrics are a bold challenge to the rest the world to take him and his fellow artists under the Soul Gemz Entertainment label seriously. Says Alski about the song, “The song features me and another artist called Skinny From The 9, and it’s a song that shows a potent combination what we’re putting down,”. “We can’t be stopped. We put the work in for the long haul with haters on deck waiting for our downfall. But we’ve overcome all obstacles and now we’re ready to take things to the next level. Already we’ve been getting notoriety and air play. We may have had some hard knocks in the beginning, but now we’re rising up. Nothing is gonna stop us now.” Check it out below!

(Music) Radio Rell & Roscoe DPG – “Mr. Know It All”


Anaheim, California native Radio Rell comes through with a new one called “Mr. Know It All” that see’s him linking with Roscoe DPG. This one is produced by Ktkravitx and carries a steady pace throughout. This surely won’t be the last you hear from Rell as he plans on turning it up heading into the last quarter of 2017. Check out the track below and look out for more soon!

(Music) POWAYE – “Slip-N-Slide” X “Powzilla vs. Synthetic”


San Diego songwriter, producer and engineer Powaye comes through with 2 brand new cuts in “Slip-N-Slide” and “Powzilla vs. Synthetic”. Slip n Slide is about how Powaye enjoys his woman. While getting over a long term relationship and realizing that the grief will never go away, he shuts out his feelings and utilizes his distant ego to tell the story of his first smash after the break up. While Powzilla is Powaye’s deep conscious and the inner voice that guides his thoughts. The track is about embracing/representing who you truly are and annihilating the attention of anyone who judges it. Powzilla is here to baptize the 2 faced into being real ones. Check them both out below!

(Music) Donatello Trill – “Allin”


Virginia artist Donatello Trill links with produced Josh Petruccio and Pulaski for a brand new one he is calling “Allin”. This one is about going all in and giving everything you’ve got! If you like this record, pick it up on iTunes and support good music. Look out for a lot more as this surely won’t be the last you hear from Donatello Trill!

(Music) Josh Waters – “143”


Hattiesburg, Mississippi artist Josh Waters drops off his new EP “143” and he doesn’t dissapoint. Say’s Waters on the release…

143 has a simple yet broad meaning. The numbers 1, 4, and 3 represent the number letters in each word when you spell out I LOVE YOU. This EP explores love on all levels of a relationship, from meeting a woman, treating her, falling out and then realizing love is the only thing consistent and its needed. God is love and love is unconditional acceptance of another and everything that goes on around us.

This one features Smoke DZA, Domani Harris and Res, with Zthepro, Ian Ewing, Garrett Benally, Big K.R.I.T. and Joedi all handling the production side of things. Check it out below and grab it on iTunes now.

(Music) Filthy Thunder – “Taste of Candyland 2”


Holliston, Massachusetts artists Bobby and King Tut, aka Filthy Thunder, come through with their debut project “Taste of Candyland 2”. They say about the release…

Taste of Candyland 2 is the follow up to our debut mixtape “Taste of Candyland”, a title that hopefully tells the listener that this is a deviation from other trap and hip hop out there that takes itself seriously. Were just here to have fun and bring our own brand of humor and personality to the hip hop world.

Check it out below and support good music!