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Scottie Jax Presents ‘The Cop and The Con Man’ (Full Movie 2017)

Independent hiphop artists and aspiring film maker Scottie Jax has just released the first of hopefully many short running films. The independent artist flexes his creativity in the 30 min short action film ‘The Cop and The Con Man’. Check it out on Youtube.


Trapn Ratchet EP by Muzic King – @iAmMuzicKing


West coast rap artist Muzic King has released his highly anticipated Trapn Ratchet EP. The projects is one hundred percent Muzic King. There are no features on this five track EP. Muzic King created his own unique trap art for the album and produced all the beats. In a sense, we really understand the Trap vibe, because it was created from nothing. 

Sonically the tracks vary on the project between west-coast, ratchet, party music  and trap music, thus the title Trapn Ratchet. The music is more so high energy, uptempo rap with punch-line lyrics that tell stories and paint a vivid illustration of what Trapn Ratchet is.

Trapn Ratchet – (SoundCloud):

Trapn Ratchet – (Spotify):

Trapn Ratchet – (Apple Music):

Trapn Ratchet – (Spinrilla):

French Montana – Unforgettable ft. Swae Lee


Check out the video for Unforgettable filmed in Kampala, Uganda!

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DJ Khaled – I’m the One ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne

I'm the One

“I’m The One” is Justin Bieber’s official response to my song “You Are The One Babe”. Listen to “You Are The One Babe” below.

Beats & Art @Trippy__Taylor

Slim Kreeper is a graphic artist who designs everything from album art, logos, characterizations and more. Aside from graphic art, Slim Kreeper also produces beats.

Art by @SomeHoodlum

Three A @Migos

Critical Geekery: Talking Representation in Pop Culture with the Nerds of Color — Discover

The writers at The Nerds of Color discuss their favorite shows, shifts in the media landscape, and supporting inclusive entertainment.

via Critical Geekery: Talking Representation in Pop Culture with the Nerds of Color — Discover

No Hand Outs EP

no-hand-outs-ep-front-coverOn September 16th the 20 year old artist from Lynchburg, Virgina “Nova Visuals” released his 1st EP on Spinrilla called, “No Hand Outs”. He has a total of 6 tracks on his EP , all of the tracks are different and dope. From a artist coming out of Virginia I have to say Nova is pretty dope. Throughout the EP you will also notice that Nova has his (single) “How We Livin” on there you could listen to his single on iTunes. If you’ve never heard of Nova or haven’t heard any of his music before, then go listen No Hand Outs on Spinrilla and more…


Miles Mulligan: “All Night”


Forged from Harambe’s womb and shipped to Louisville, KY comes Miles Mulligan (@Miles_Mulligan), a 23 year old rapper who’s committed his life to avenge the loss of his fallen parent through fashion and music.

All Night is his brand new song and it’s an ode to the recent comeback of dancehall music fused with hip hop roots that has been made popular most recently by Drake.

Listen here at

-Keev (@_Keevins)

POW! WOW! Paints Long Beach


The incredible artistic collective Pow! Wow! painted Long Beach, California.  The event  featured artists Pantonio, Ernest Zacharevic, Aaron Li-Hill, Sarah Joncas and Cinta Vidal  who visited  Long Beach for the creation of fantastic murals throughout the city


@novavisuals_ | I Steal Want You(Prod. By. Lowkey)

I Steal Want You.jpg

Yesterday evening Nova Visuals released his R&B track called, “I Steal Want You” produced by Lowkey on Soundcloud. From the beginning to the end of his song I gotta admit that it is really dope & unique. The 20 year old Va artist is nice. Recently he has released a track with an artist named DreTheDon called, “Higher Power” produced. by Kyduh Beatz, go check that out. To stay updated with the Nova Visuals next or previous release go follow him on Twitter @novavisuals_.

$enpai MØ

self       Known as sensei or just Mo, $enpai Mø is a newly upcoming rapper from Southside of washington DC now living in Ktown of Los Angeles. Mo is known to have many talents such as photography/videography, producing/engineering, fashion designing and also graphic arts. Mo has recently started to pick up rapping,

Growing up with mostly brother who also has music talents influenced her to test it out since “it runs in the family”. She has said because she is a female she is just like one of the guys! She is also in the making of her clothing line beyond rare which she hopes to bring out by the end of the year. You can check her out on both her beat and rapping soundcloud followed by her social sites.


If You Need Any Graphic Designs |@novavisuals_

I know a lot of you artist are looking for graphic designs for your singles, mixtapes, banners, business cards, & more. People won’t take you serious if your still using your profile pictures or taking a pictures off of your phone using them as your song covers, its about that time to take your covers to the next level. You want to catch the peoples attention by them just seeing your cover art before even listening to your song. By them just seeing your cover art it’s gone determine if they want to click on your music or not, its up to you. So if you need any graphic designs done for the low go follow Nova Visuals on twitter @novavisuals_

Lawrence Flow (Roger4prez)



From Crenshaw, CA this 20 yr old upcoming rapper “lawrence flow” AKA roger4prez is a creation itself. He started off producing many genres such as trap, house and even boombap. Going to an audio engineering schooled in hollywood, were he made many connections made him decide to pick up rapping. He is still on the rise and can be found on all sorts of social media. check him out below!


Beautiful women, Beautiful mind, Beautiful Ideas.

Up and coming artisan company Lost Queens have been known as the masters of photography and vision for some time now, since it’s launch in August of 2014. Celebrities such as Sassy from Black ink crew on Vh1 have been seen in jewelry made by the company. I got a chance to talk to the sole owner of this foundation, Eboni Merriman and ask her some questions.

photo 3 (5)

Q: Looking back from where you are now what inspired you the greatest to begin your journey to success?

A: I’ve always been deeply inspired by sisterhood, and the importance of friendship. Sex and the City, Destiny’s Child, girl groups in general have always been a big theme for me. I’ve always also been a lover of pretty things. My mother is a businesswoman and says I was addicted to ripping pages from magazines and pasting them all over my room walls. I actually sold jewelry briefly in my teens and applied to different fashion schools in California, but life took me on another course and I ended up in school for journalism. I moved back to New York when I turned 19, ended up meeting someone who is now a close friend and we co-founded a blog together called A Tale of Two Biddies which exposed me to a ton of diverse creatives, women specifically. Through connecting with them and all of the adventures we had with the blog, I recognized my passion was in getting them to tap into the inner Goddess laying dormant inside of them and take care of her, spread that light to other Queens and encourage them to uplift their community.


Q: Define yourself and the company.


A: Lost Queens has been my outlet and therapy. Literally, all of the emotions and self-discovery I go through, all of the blessings, mistakes and lessons, I just funnel it through my work. A lot of the quotes I’ll post on the instagram are really just notes to self. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on the brink of anxiety attacks and I’ll just start packing orders or something and will be completely fine.


My goal is to be a safe space for women to lay their insecurities down and celebrate themselves. I’d love to do collaborations based on that mission. I have a vision of a brick-and-mortar boutique thats completely different from any retail store out there. I’ll keep that under wraps for now. I’d love to travel with Lost Queens and spread this message of self-love at various events. I’m really interested in having a table at the big music festivals. Meeting with international artisans not only for product but to hear their stories and really connect with them. I’d like to build a household brand that really cares about their customer, their community and influences the culture.


Being a one woman show affords me a lot of flexibility in my process, something I probably need to tighten up on honestly. But I usually will try to put the collections out around the middle of the month, so there’s only like a week of downtime between a collection launch and when I have to start planning the next thing. I follow my instincts. That’s the only way I can describe the madness. I’m hoping the Universe sends me an intern that is organized so I can get it together but usually when I decide on a theme, it’s just about what I’m feeling at the time. For example, when we decided to donate to the Eric Garner fund and name our pieces after female victims of police brutality, I had been to a few of the protests but still felt empty, like there was MORE i could be doing. Through naming each of these pieces after a victim and putting a blurb about their story in the description, I’m creating awareness for them. I then start to create a moodboard, pulling elements from things that just speak to me on a deep level. Pinterest is my best friend. The photo story starts to come together from there. Which models/theme will I use? Will I be using a stylist or am I going to do it myself? Which makeup artist is available? Location, communication, creating a story, everything. It’s a long process but I love it. 

I always try to remember that what the Universe has for me, is for me and my purpose and journey are mine alone. No outside noise. Keep your intentions pure and filled with love, work hard and actively place positive thought into your life. With that, the sky’s the limit. Nothing happens overnight.


Q: Will your focus change or expand in the future?


A: Absolutely. As I grow and change, so will the business. I’ve always loved the fluidity having your own brand affords, so I can make the decisions. We’re going to expand to different accessories and clothing, work with different artisans, continue to build our branding, expand, grow, streamline our processes, grow our inventory, strengthen the brand message and mission, pop-up shops & festivals. We have a lot in store.

Lost Queens define a generation of women that empower each other and see the beauty in simple things. I can’t wait to see much more from this company.

“Work hard. Research. There’s so much free information out there. Connect with people that inspire you. Explore all avenues for growth and opportunities. Sometimes you need to let the chips fall where they may. You have to think fast and take action in the clutch, so be sure to keep calm under pressure. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.”-Eboni Merriman

Contact info:,,

Twitter: @Lostqueens

Instagram: @Lost.Queens