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Star Wars “R2-Q5” Virtual Keyboard

Star Wars R2-Q5 Virtual Keyboard

Electronics brand imp. (formally amadana imp.) releases a new spinoff from its original R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard with the limited edition R2-Q5 Virtual Keyboard. For some, the difference is minor — a mere change in the model. For the avid fan of the Star Wars franchise, it’s a new collection piece that features R2-Q5, an astromech droid that first appeared on Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. The device itself functions as a working QWERTY keyboard with a touchpad that’s projected onto any flat surface, while also emitting the original voice of R2-Q5 when in use. Other specifications include Bluetooth HID compatibility with both iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as Windows 7/8 and Mac OS X. Said avid fans will also be pleased to know that the release of the R2-Q5 Virtual Keyboard comes just in time for the unofficial holiday known as “Star Wars Day,” on May 4 — a date wittingly chosen from the classic phrase “may the Force be with you.” The limited edition Star Wars “R2-Q5″ Virtual Keyboard will sell for ¥39,000 JPY (approximately $325 USD) atAmazon Japan, and be sure to check out more details from the video below.


Sony PlayStation 4 ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Edition

Sony PlayStation 4 Batman Arkham Knight  Edition

In conjunction with the release of the game Batman: Arkham Knight, Sony is teaming up with Rocksteady Studios to release a limited edition PlayStation 4 bundle. Along with the game, the bundle also comes with a special console that has been kitted out in steel gray with a Caped Crusader decal adorning the faceplate, and a matching gray controller. The sequel to the hugely popular Batman: Arkham City has been delayed several times, first from Fall 2014 to June 2, and now again to June 23, but it should be well worth the wait. Sony PlayStation 4 Batman: Arkham Knight Edition will be available from select retailers for $499.99 USD.

GameBoy Adapter for iPhone


This adapter will allow you to play classic Nintendo Gameboy cartridges on your iPhone.

Skrillex Releases Zelda-inspired Video Game Called Skrillex Quest


Famous EDM DJ & producer, Skrillex has now released a new Zelda-inspired video game, aptly dubbed Skrillex Quest created by Jason Oda. Check out to preview the game.

Earth Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over NASA

Electronic Reebok

Reebok collaborated with internationally renowned design magazine Wallpaper* and five of Europe’s leading artists to produce unique works inspired by Reebok’s innovative ZigTech, EasyTone, RunTone and RealFlexed.

Leica x iPhone 4G Camera Case Concept

An Iphone with SLR caliber capabilities, this would work.