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NO LOVE EP – NELSON | @NelsonGangXo

Nelson drops a new dope EP. This tape is so fire!! Nelson really went in. He even has a feature from Chxpo. Everything about the project is awesome, the artwork, the beats & Nelson’s flows.



Junior vs DJ Pleez – Summer Love EP

Junior vs DJ Pleez goes for a sun-soaked, party atmosphere on the bumping sound of “Summer Love EP”. Done with a sly sort of tenderness, the entire EP is full of love. Anchored heavily in a neon-hued dance floor style, everything works in service of the groove. Stylistically, the collection owes a heavy debt to electro’s summery vibes, while it incorporates elements of pop, EDM, glistening R&B, and more into a singular whole. Infinitely playful, the songs deserve to be absolutely blasted. Fiery and passionate, the vocals rest at the heart of it all, featuring a tremendous amount of energy. Best of all, Junior vs DJ Pleez sculpt a unique sound one that has a warm welcoming presence to it. Playfulness expands off into the infinite while the whole of the work rolls through.

With “Last Man” they open the collection up on a high note, as the romantic notions of the song work wonders. Full of longing, the song has a yearning quality to it. On “Show U Off” they slow things down featuring glistening keyboards. By far the highlight the whole of the piece bounces with such determination. Rather soothing, “Keep Me Up” has a late-night vibe to it, as the song explores atmospherics with the utmost of ease. Swinging through in a display of earnest lovingness “Summertime (I Always Miss U)” gently glides along with the utmost of care and compassion. Tenderness flows through as the lyrics drive down to the very heart of a relationship. Ending the whole of the collection are two extended cuts of “Last Man” and “Keep Me Up”. Backup vocalists add to the wonder of “Last Man – Extended Version” as does the additional emphasis on the groove. Heavier and more minimal “Keep Me Up – Extended Version” has a hazy, dreamy vibe to it.

Effortlessly cool, Junior vs DJ Pleez’s “Summer Love EP” has a gorgeous sound, one so satisfyingly silky smooth and serene.


Nashon – HADES | Hot New Hip Hop


Nashon is an eclectic hip-hop artist from Camden, New Jersey. His debut project, HADES, is a collection of entropic vibes that transcend into a variety of different genres. One of the best compilations we have heard lately. Nothing held back on this one. 14 tracks of pure fire.

Check it out on Soundcloud today

John Blu | Sacrifice Before Success [MixTape]

Looking for new music? John Blue has just released one of the hottest mixtapes of 2018. Check it out, streaming now on Soundcloud.

John Blu, has proven that in the music industry it takes major sacrifice before success! The singer, songwriter, and producer holds a resume with production credits for some of the hottest songs you have heard on the radio. The list includes producing and writing the hook on Future’s Pluto album for the song “Parachute” featuring R. Kelly, producing and writing on Eric Bellinger’s Rebirth album for the song “Pandora”, and producing and writing on DJ Khaled’s artist Vado song “Straight for the Summer” featuring Fabolous and Kriko Bang. John Blu has had the opportunity to work with Timbaland, Devyne Stephens, Da Internz, Bobby Valentino, Day 26, Twista, Jeremih, D-Low, Ta’Rhonda Jones A.K.A Porcha from the hit TV show Empire and a variety of other accomplished recording artists.

John Blu has evolved as an artist and industry veteran since his break out single, “In Love with Your Booty”, that eventually climbed to the #32 spot on Billboard’s mainstream R&B charts in 2010. The success of the single caught the attention of record executive Wayne Williams, which led to a record deal with Jive Records. John’s follow-up single, “Cologne,” also peeked on the Billboard R&B charts in 2011. After a series of broken promises, let downs and a bad record deal john decided to step away from the music business to focus on him.

Fast forward to 2018, John Blu, is an independent singer, songwriter, producer, and all-around entertainer with his own production company titled SINGLE MAKERS.​
The Chicago Native has released a new album as an independent artist, “Sacrifice Before Success”. The album landed on the billboard charts in September of 2018. The project includes features by Chicago’s-own Shawnna, Bo Deal, Bre-Z, Zoey Dollaz, Eric Bellinger, Feathy, Katie Got Bandz, Bump J, Shawn Holmes, and Rio DeZonero.


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Social Media:
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Kevin Jere – VISION | @kevinjere_

New Jersey rap artist Kevin Jere returns with a lyrical record from his Limyé project entitled Vision.

Twitter: @kevinjere_

Instagram: @kevinjere_

Hip Hop Duo ‘Lockness Carnival’ Drops Impressive New Album

Hiphop duo, Darc Angel and Usul Strange AKA Lockness Carnival, bring their ‘A’ game on the latest album release which is titled “Tickets to the Dope Show”. The seven track and about 25 minuet album is available on Itunes, Spotify and all major digital distributors, Darc Angel and Usul Strange prove that the true heart of hip hop is still beating. In an age where watered down music becomes mainstream hits, “Tickets to the Dope Show” will remind you of a time when real hip hop ruled the airwaves. Incorporating strictly classic hip hop elements, Darc Angel and Usul Strange have produced a timeless album that is raw and hard hitting with every track.

Darc Angel and Usul Strange hold absolutely nothing back right from the start of Tickets to the Dope Show. The first track is a song titled “Ate Good”. This impressive bit of songwriting is accompanied by a unique beat that is almost hypnotic. The poetic duo draws you in and peeks your interest with this catchy and well produced bit of story telling. The clear and crisp vocals sit perfectly over the old school sounding beat. Now if you are looking for the perfect song to knock at your next party, that would be “Urban Litty”. The beat is tough and punchy with some elements of dance music. This high energy mix is complemented by solid songwriting and a catchy hook.

Lockness Carnival shows off their incredible songwriting skills on “Higher than High” and “Margo Santana”. These hard hitting tracks will make you think twice and maybe even give you a new perspective on life. The self titled track on the album, “Tickets to the Dope Show” is by far my favorite. Darc Angel and Usul Strange drop napalm all over the track. This track is packed with sick punch lines and intelligent rhymes. The beat is simple yet intriguing and everything that you would expect from Lockness Carnival.

If you are like me then you are probably tired of listening to the same less than par hip hop that the mainstream has to offer. If so then check out the underground duo Lockness Carnival and their latest album “Tickets to the Dope Show”. Stream the entire album on Spotify. You will not be disappointed. And tell me what you thought of the album in the comments.

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Breaking New Video: Trillz “Da Yung Apprentice” – “Chill With The Gods” (Video)

New video release from Trillz aka ‘Da Youg Apprentice”. Trillz “Da Yung Apprentice,” is a Hip-Hop and R&B musician currently based out of Brooklyn, NYC. We covered Trillz earlier in the month when he announced a possible colab with Sevyn Streeter. Check out the video for “Chill with the Gods” and learn more about Trillz below….

Born in Harlem, NY, his interest in music and the arts began at a young age. He grew up writing poetry, drawing, and taking art classes. This love of the arts and creativity transcended later into his music as he spent time in recording studios, learning from other artists and musicians. Having grown up in a less privileged neighborhood, exposed to drugs and crime throughout his childhood, Trillz “Da Yung Apprentice” turned to music through a desire to be something greater than what he saw around him. He’s set .to release his mixtape, “Road 2 Riche$ II” later this year, as well as embarking on an accompanying tour to major cities across the US. Having done several large performances in the past, including the A3C Festival in Atlanta and Miami Live, in Miami, Florida, his work is also streaming on major music platforms including iTunes and Spotify, and can be found on YouTube and at He is a voice and staple in his community and wants to continue to bring awareness to self help and continue to inspire through his music and his story.


A new sensation in the world of Hip-Hop/R&B is about to be unraveled with the emergence of Trillz “Da Yung Apprentice”. He is set to release his brand new mixtape, “Road 2 Riche$ II” later in the year and it promises to be a bang. Made on the streets of New York City but originally of Bajan and Puerto Rican descent, Trillz is passionate about lending his voice to the clamor for a New America. His deep lyrics and passionate delivery are a joy to listen to and his art is gradually gaining the recognition it deserves as he just signed a new record deal with independent label, Face Front Music.

A talented songwriter, Trillz “Da Yung Apprentice” admits being greatly influenced by the work of hip-hop greats such as Lil Wayne and Nipsey Hussle. He plans to embark on a national tour soon after the release of his mixtape. His music resonates well with the majority of the people that have listened & lent their praise to the outstanding work of the highly talented young sensation.

Many upcoming artists appear to embrace singing social-themed songs as the new way to cheat fame. But, it is easy to distinguish an artist with a passion for his art from an artist that is merely seeking glory. Trillz “Da Yung Apprentice” will be a strong force to reckon with as he draws confidence from a recent tragedy in which his best friend committed suicide. His talent speaks for it self & almost comes naturally. We can’t wait to hear this new project.
For more inquiries, please visit
Instagram @TrillzDaYungApprentice

Donny Arcade Debuts On Billboard Charts In 4 Categories

Donny Arcade’s smooth cadence consists of bars laced with ancient wisdom, esoteric knowledge, current events and extraterrestrials. All done to very well produced, modern trap beats that keep the party jumping. At first listen, many people are not even aware that they are being given wisdom teachings while they bob their heads to fly the beats. That the success of Donny Arcade and Pantheon Elite Records.

Bio: Vibration is music. Donny Arcade is one of those artists who think that there is something beautiful in all music, and there is music in all sound, therefore vibration is the most important thing in the universe. At an Arcade show, when the most slapping beats and conscious-futuristic verses start to permeate the crowd, you better have your hands up and mind in full focus. Donny Arcade rapper/filmmaker and producer from Cleveland OHIO joins the new wave of bubbling talent with a versatile delivery and unmistakable creativity. Born to a family of musical talent, Arcade grew up to the sounds of rap, classical, funk, soul, pop, rock and reggae due to a diverse upbringing of musical taste. He began to break-dance at the age of five as part of a hip-hop crew with his older brother and uncle, by the age of seven he was performing rap songs in school talent shows & then shows throughout the city of Cleveland.









After recording and releasing many songs as a member of a few neighborhood rap groups he soon after started to experiment with his own sound. However, it wasn’t until the young Arcade first heard the legendary Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and other burgeoning Midwest talents that he found his true musical niche of rapping fast stating his biggest influence was Bone Thugs-n- Harmony. and also that they are the ones who actually gave the rap game the ingredients to make anything. At age 22, Donny Arcade moved from Cleveland OHIO to Atlanta GA his current residence which he credits the city with giving him the confidence to get in the industry not only just as a rapper but also as a filmmaker and producer. He has filmed and directed over 30 music videos from upcoming and established artist throughout the city of Atlanta and his own music videos as well. A self-proclaimed ufologist his music speaks of ancient history, futuristic themes & current events. A man of many hats With all these tools in his arsenal Arcade has developed a unique sound with an appeal that spans from the old-school hip-hop heads to a new generation of rap fans and beyond.

Check out Donny’s Charts numbers below!

Return Of Enki has set the mark!  Billboard Charts 06/19/2018
Heatseekers Album Chart #8
Rap Album Sales Chart #15
R&B/Rap Album Sales #23
Independent Album #32


Trillz “Da Yung Apprentice” Wants to Collab With R&B Songstress Sevyn Streeter !

Trillz aka “Da Yung Apprentice”, is a rising hiphop/rap artist on the scene making his way and effectivly breaking through the underground. The talented Brooklyn Ny based, young artist has recently made know his aspirations of working with the more notable 26-year-old R&B singer, Sevyn Streeter. The anticipated colab will no doubt be a big step for Trillz. Recently Trillz dropped a video on Instagram shouting out Streeter and saying “she’s dope as F*ck” which has fueled a rumor that Trillz has a crush on the young R&B singer. Keep your eyes on Trillz and be sure to look out for his upcoming album. Following him using the links below.
Instagram @TrillzDaYungApprentice

New Music From Pop Artist SUMMY

SUMMY is a US-based pop singer who captured the attention of audiences and the music industry with a viral video. SUMMY’s cover of “Issues” by Julia Michaels landed her a spot on MTV’s Cover of the Month and was watched by over half a million music enthusiasts all over the world. These viewers included award-winning producers, and Lady Gaga, who retweeted the video. After her runaway success, SUMMY focused on producing original work. Her current single “Sus” is available now.

Pop artist and online sensation SUMMY’s new single “Sus” is available now. Themes of jealousy and suspicion permeate the song with a breathtaking energy. SUMMY’s precise, dramatic vocals perfectly support the track’s theme while clever lyrics will make listeners think about trust in a whole new way.



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KingBiz Gearing Up For Up Coming Release

Bizeeee also known as KingBiz, is a 1017MG, and HeavyGripp Entertainment artist, and engineer. Biz most anticipated project is about to drop this year, some time mid summer of 18, titled “4eZ”.
The “4eZ” album is a collaboration of different sounds, due to Bizeeee’s unique style, and wordplay, this will be Biz first album debuting into the music industry, and we will see many more to come as he is already working on his next project in multiple studios across the United States as he gears towards success.
Bizeeee started his unique sound in the state of Virginia, but now resides in Atlanta, Georgia, networking with the likes of Future, Young Thug, Young Scooter, Casino, Ti, Mike Epps, and many more.
The album itself will be distributed to all major platforms and shelf’s across the globe and be accessible to anyone. Be watching out for Bizeeee as he climbs the industry ladder, as a must watch artist of 2018.



Crazie K!D AnonYmouS Drops “Stay Ready And Willing” – @C_K_Anon #StayRAWLP


Webster’s dictionary defines the word “anonymous” as “having no outstanding, individual, or unusual features; unremarkable or impersonal.” Philadelphia’s own Crazie K!D AnonYmouS is living proof this doesn’t always apply when it comes to that term.

Starting rap at the early age of 12, raised by a father who DJed numerous block parties, you could say that Crazie K!D was born to make music. Over the years he’s been coached by Philly legends new and old such as Chuck Nice of 3 Times Dope and DJ No Phrillz. With influences ranging from Big Pun to Nirvana to Edgar Allen Poe, the young veteran emcee is certainly anything but “unremarkable”. CKA also has a unique accomplishment under his belt that most local artists dream of: he has performed overseas, specifically in Iraq while serving this great nation.

The military discipline mindset is evident in Crazie K!D’s precise writing style and diligent work ethic. Other accolades he has already racked up include a show with Crooked I of Slaughterhouse, recording tracks with Reef the Lost Cauze & Rich Quick, and numerous victories at poetry slam competitions, which is a testament to his versatility. What really makes Crazie K!D AnonYmouS an intriguing artist though, is his life story itself.

Anonymous Back.jpg


This young man has been though three of the roughest terrains anyone can go through the military, the prison system and of course, the streets of North Philly. The influence from all three of these chapters in CKA’s life is evident in his tracks. Crazie K!D has released four mixtapes since the start of career all leading up to the “Taking Over the Throne” album, entirely produced by Fatman Elite (known as Da ILL together).

Each release has chronicled the rapper’s progression in both his craft and life in general; however, the best is yet to come. The last part of Crazie K!D Anonymous’ name may imply that he isn’t “outstanding”, “remarkable” or an “individual” but one listen will show you that he is, in fact, all of that and more.

Be sure to follow Crazie KID Anonoymous on social media Social Media:

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Chris Rhoadz – Whatchu Bout (Prod. HIGHTHUMB)

Chris Rhoadz is an independent hiphop artist from Miami Fl USA. His music and style is influenced by and similar to that of Postmalone, Travis Scott, Ski mask the slump god, and Lil Uzi Vert. He is beginning to make some waves with his most popular track reaching over 30k new listeners on Soundcloud. He is determined and working hard to make himself known.

“My music is an extension of my being, all about positive. I do chase for depth and am not afraid to channel my demons into my music, I do hope to show more of my depth in my future projects. But as of now my music is all about good vibes and not giving a f#@&k. When you listen if you get a different interpretation by all means i wont try to look down on it. Art is meant to and can be perceived in many different ways.” – Chris Rhoadz

Check out his latest single Whatchu Bout below and be sure to follow.



🎵 Crippled Mane – One True Pair [single] 🎵

Crippled Mane’s latest track title One True Pair is a love song. The versatile artist is the latest to come our way. This underground independent musician producers music from trap type to the kind that give you the feels. Check out his entire soundtrack on soundcloud.

Instagram @ Crippled_Mane

Sour Angel – Luv Me ft. KiD3RD [Song Review]

Sour Angel’s highly articulate delivery flows through flawlessly on the celebratory “Luv Me ft. KiD3RD”. Done with the utmost of care, the way the track combines playfulness and tenderness into a single style works wonders. Melodically rich, the way the song evolves feels just right, finding a great balanced sound. Beats have an aggressive physicality to them, while they virtually seem to bounce off the walls at times. Attention to detail means that Sour Angel allows the whole track to build in a most majestic way, which means volume virtually is a must, in order to truly get the whole scope.

Glistening keys introduce the song, helping to set the mood to a certain degree. Full of tenderness, the song comes into focus embracing a giddiness. Vocals intermingle resulting in a wild approach, one that at times feels nearly unhinged. Bass rumbles help the song move forward with such grace. Lyrics emphasis a life lived to the absolute fullest, of recalling previous nights, of friends and those moments where a person can become truly defined. While the piece builds up it grows ever more potent with its style, allowing for a greater amount of energy to truly pour through it all. Beats go for a nimbleness in the latter half, while the lyrics become increasingly more and more personal. When the vocals simply drift away the song gets reflective before it carefully fades out.

With “Luv Me ft. KiD3RD” Soul Angel delves into a highly personal journey, one that becomes all consuming.

About the artist:
Sour Angel is a 19 year old hip-hop artist fro Phoenix, AZ. He has been doing music for 3 years now and writes all of his lyrics himself. Influenced and inspired by Berner, Wiz Khalifa, & Future amongst others, he is a huge advocate for the legalization of marijuana and has aspirations to transcend music and make a name for himself in the MMJ industry as well. A member of Ghost Town, a collective of artists from around Arizona, he has performed at the 4th Annual AZ Hip Hop Festival and opened up for Twista, Ali Tomineek, & The Terrorist Angel Babies from Neptune. His WEED SMOKE to BEAST MODE EP drops 4/20/18 on all streaming platforms.

Instagram: @sour.angel32