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Yoko Purp – Yoko Purp [Album Review]

Yoko Purp goes for a defiant visceral style with the hypnotic flow of his self-titled effort. Lyrics have a playful quality to them while Yoko Purp opts for observations on life, the ups and downs that filter into relationships. Over the course of the collection Yoko Purp embraces a hazy, late-night vibe throughout every time. Songs perfectly work together to create something that feels so real. Production further emphasizes this mysterious aura, with nimble beats and haunting melodies that define the entirety of it all. Attention to detail means that the hazy, dazed spirit works wonders.

An IDM-inspired neon-hued melody introduces everything with “Money Stretch”. With a swagger of sorts, the piece unfurls with the utmost of grace. Yoko Purp’s flow feels fresh, full of tremendous insight. Gentler with its tone “Upset” has a contemplative quality to it, as the whole piece builds up every so quietly, as the multifaceted approach adds to its reassuring atmosphere. Minimalism rests at the heart of “Pull Up” where Yoko Purp’s lyricism has a commanding presence to it. Bass rumbles leads the way on the intensity of “Spazz” with glistening melodies intermingling to create an ornate structure. Perfectly bringing everything to a close “Cash” goes for a reflective quality of sorts.

Throughout the entirety of his self-titled effort, Yoko Purp goes for a shadowy presence, one that rejects the light for something less obvious, something that is reflected within his clever lyricism as well.


Special Ollie – Half of Everything is Luck [DEMO]

Italian New Yorker from Rochester, Trippy, folksy rap and sometimes just folksy/alternative music.

Bigg – All Out [Album Review]

Going for a truly massive sound, Bigg delves into a kaleidoscopic rush of color on the stylistic tour de force of “All Out”. From dubstep to EDM to hip-hop with even classical flourishes, production feels flawless. By far the true heart and soul comes from Bigg’s masterful flow, whose commanding lyrical might ties all of it together in a most fantastic fashion. Layer upon layer comes into the mix resulting in a world that feels so danged colorful. Melodies are positively infectious, and the hooks are aplenty throughout.

On the title track “All Out” Bigg sets the atmosphere of the album, with a gargantuan style that overwhelms. A minimal tense style defines the intense “Ha Noi God”. With “Kanye East” Bigg has a particularly fine time messing with Kayne West, creating some rather enjoyable disses alongside a beautiful sample. With “Roll Up Interlude (Ft. Remi-D)” Bigg lets the song unfurl in a dramatic fashion. Dreamy multifaceted layers come into play on the potent spaciousness of “Starving”. Building things up quite masterfully is the fanfare of “Money & Bitches”. Bigg’s lyricism works wonders on the snapshot of a life that flows through “Belong”. Delivered straight from the heart the earnestness of “A Little Longer” serves as the highlight of the album. The funk of “One Day Interlude” gives the track a luxurious quality to it. Ending things on a contemplative, meditative note the soothing optimism of “Late Night, Red Wine & Cigarette Interlude”.

Bigg’s “All Out” goes for a wild, unhinged quality one that shows how powerful rap can be in telling a story of a journey through a whole life.

Russian Hack Job – James Harden (Riding Rockets)

Neon-hued melodies with a collage-like approach to songwriting, the fantastic flow of Russian Hack Job’s “James Harden (Riding Rockets)” possesses hypnotic, addictive grooves. Lyrically masterful, Russian Hack Job proves to have such compelling vocalists. Layer upon layer of sound comes into the mix, resulting in a virtual kaleidoscopic style. The psychedelic quality of the track simply stuns, with multiple hooks and rhythms coming together to create a virtual tapestry. Woven together with the utmost of care, the rhythms have a nimble quality to them, feeling akin to origami at times while the beats bounce off each other. Stylistically, Russian Hack Job draws from jazz, pop, R&B, all anchored with a hip-hop aesthetic.

Glistening keys introduce the piece on a luxurious note. When the vocals come into the mix they have a commanding presence to them. From the way the groove evolves to the way that the many layers come together, it all feels so soothing. Lyrics incorporate a sci-fi aesthetic at times, while they are peppered with a wide array of pop references done with the greatest of care. Vocals increase in intensity, while they possess such a great deal of energy. Hyperkinetic to its core, the piece swirls about with such tremendous vigor. Towards the latter half of the entire piece it all reaches a virtual fevered pitch, with everything coming to a wonderful peak.

Russian Hack Job’s “James Harden (Riding Rockets)” is a transformative experience, one that deserves full and complete attention.

CesarJC – One Time

CesarJC is a 19yr old hiphop artist out of Linden, NJ. His latest single, One Time, is streaming on Soundcloud and gaining much popularity. Since the release just three days ago, the track has already gained over 4k plays. Check it out below. CesarJC is putting his all into his music career. His last track “Deserving Irving” has reached over 7,000 plays on Soundcloud.

Phoenix O’Neill Releases Two Heartfelt Singles [Pop Music]

Phoenix O’Neill is a 23 year-old indie pop singer-songwriter based in Watford, North London. Last year, her amazing voice and her intricate, dark songs caught the interest of producer James Sanger, best known for his work with Dido, Keane, Siobhan Donaghy and Brian Eno. Since then, James has teamed up with Paul Kilmister to form ‘SangMister Music’ through which they have been developing Phoenix’ unique, haunting and hypnotic sound.

Phoenix’s spellbinding vocals have been compared to such talents as Meg Mac, Amy Winehouse and Elle King, with eerie melodies similar to Massive Attack and Portishead. As stylistic overall influences, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, and Adele were paramount, as was Amy Winehouse specifically for tonality.

“Cruel World,” and “I Need You” her new single, is taken from her upcoming EP “Out of the Ashes” which will be release on April 30th. It has drawn early comparisons to Lana Del Rey, Becky Hill and Lorde. She has recently joined forces with some musicians from Watford and Brighton to form a band and is looking forward to performing around the UK.



Showcase Musexpo April 30th 9 PM :

Management SangMister Music:

Phoenix O’Neill is supported by PRS Foundation international
Showcase Fund, which is run by PRS Foundation in partnership with Department of
lnternationalTrade (DIT), British Underground, Arts Council England, The Musicians’ Union
(MU), PPL, Creative Satland, Wales Afts lnternational and Wales Afts lnternational in
association with Pledge Music


NINO Reynoso brings the heat with his latest album, Pardon ME, now streaming on Soudncloud. Listen below.

2018 release.

“First generation Latino rapper out of Chicago. I paint vivvid pictures with the words I lay down on the loose leaf. Growing up I always stayed true to my Mexican roots, its something I try to incorporate in my music. I am very versatile as an artist, you could hear my on a hard beat or a laid back wavey beat. I think that its a result of all the musical influences I’ve absorbed growing up. I feel my music speaks for itself, I know the talent i have within, I feel if people take the time to listen to my art, they would understand me as a person and vibe with me.”

Wyatt James – High on Life Album

Wyatt James is a producer/recording artist from Canada (Ottawa, Ontario). Wyatt has been fascinated with music for a very long time and is an innovative musician always trying to do new things with his sound.

“I do a large variety of styles from calm rnb to aggressive trap music. The main thing that I want to achieve with my music is really just to make the world a better place and change as many people’s lives as I possibly can. I create the beat to every single song I make because producing is also one of my passions along with writing and recording.”

Check out his High on Life Mixtape Here


[Hip Hop] Linkz feat. Alicia Spurlock – TOAST

Hip Hop artist Linkz from Detroit, Michigan has his early roots during the time as a member of the underground group Slay Mafia. With his dark themed style and story driven concepts Linkz deliveries very relatable story telling on his album Outlines.

instagram : @itslinkzmusic
twitter: @itslinkzmusic

Denise Renee Caplock – Irish Tears: The Instrumentals

Denise Renee Caplock goes for a full-bodied, deep house style with the powerful physicality of “Irish Tears: The Instrumentals”. Songs effortlessly flow into each other, making the entire collection a series of suites in a greater symphony. By opting for such an approach, the tracks possess an incredible physicality to them. Energetic to their very core, the propulsive rhythms become outright addictive. This, alongside Denise Renee Caplock’s uncanny ear for melody, results in a sound that feels so absolutely joyous and playful.


Not a moment is wasted for things start up immediately with the kinetic four to the floor “Daniel Blow Your Horn”. Featuring rich, resonant tones the whole piece feels so soothing, even with a slight nod to tech house. Incredible light pours out of the determination of the powerful “Holly Tree” with every layer of sound coming together with such ease. Usage of samples works wonders on the surreal scope of the title track “Irish Tears”. The inclusion of the samples gives it a collage-like feel, for the sly groove further emphasizes its freewheeling spirit. Giddiness rests at the very heart of everything with the carefree “Limerick Dreams”. Rushing through its track length in a gorgeous blur is the delightful finale of the collection closer, the luscious temperament of “Shamrock Skies” which cleverly infuses folk into its very sound.

With “Irish Tears: The Instrumentals” Denise Renee Caplock works with a wide palette of sound resulting in something that feels so fresh and fun.

Facebook: Denise Renee Caplock
Instagram: DeniseReneeCap
Facebook: Collinscrest Entertainment Group

[Music] Rowe Rowe – 1Day

Rowe Rowe is an 18-year-old rapper from Los Angeles, California. Themes of violence, sexism, and derogatory language often seem inherent to the genre that is rap music, and something that he didn’t believe should be the only topics, so he interpreted this as a calling for him to rebrand the rap genre as an art form. Every time he put on his headphones, he entered into another state, a vortex in which he found his harmony and voice. He resonated with the art form’s focus on “the struggle,” amid rappers’ motivation to find an escape and use such for empowerment. As a young child, he remembered turning the radio to the rap station, only for it to be instantly switched to another by his parents. After this, he always wondered what they were so afraid of. Rowe’s goal became to create music that had positive messages of triumph and joy. At eight, he wrote his first rhyme and played around with the Garage Band app. After writing a few songs, Rowe realized that he could use iTunes to publish his music, and at age twelve, his first single was released. The song, The Streets, gained immense popularity in the Calabasas area of Los Angeles, where he was attending middle school at the time, selling one hundred copies within the initial week. Subsequent weeks saw the number exponentially grow to one thousand copies sold. The word was out, the near release of the album Rowetropolis was sure to be an even greater success. This album has one of his top songs of all time, Cash in the Stash. He has worked with the likes of DJ Rupp, Tempo Stokes, Riley Urick, Mickey Shiloh, and Oneinthe4rest, among other big names in the music industry.

When Rowe Rowe was asked to reflect on his experience in the music industry, he stated: “Whenever I listened to my favorite rapper’s music, a common theme which emerged was that the only way to make it in this industry is to invest in your career. I decided to take all of the money I made from my first single and invest in promotion on iTunes. When sales came back extremely low, I was confused. I learned that all my friends were using free music services such as SoundCloud and Spotify. I was distraught; I had realized I lost of all my earnings. This was a time when I just wanted to quit, as my hope to spread my music seemed over.” In this, we can see how initial expectations gave way to disappointment, in a not dissimilar overture to how rap as a genre transformed from artists drawing on their life experiences to a glorification of a largely fantasy world of gangsters, crime, and drugs.

Rowe continues: “However, I did not allow myself to give up and decided to join the trend of releasing music via streaming services. I realized that I had fallen for what the greats of the industry said; I did not need to spend money on promotions because people were already listening. I put my music on SoundCloud and Spotify, and instantly people were sharing my music, and play numbers dramatically increased.” This is a testament to hard work, and it is fine evidence that Rowe’s efforts were not only sincere to himself, but in his mission to reform the worse traits of the rap genre, and he knew that it was commercialization, other peoples’ ideas, and other peoples’ money that had transformed the genre, rather than the true nature of the music.

“The next step was to obtain a record deal. One day, I walked into a major record label in Los Angeles and asked to meet with a representative at the label. To my surprise, after showing the receptionist my music, she introduced me to an A&R, which I then sent my music to. She told me that she would get back to me if this was something the label was interested in. This whole situation is uncommon in the industry, as you usually have to have a manager and arrange a meeting, but the woman who I talked too heard something in my words. Two days later, I received an email stating they wanted to have a formal meeting. The next week, the person who I was supposed to have a meeting with told me that they loved my music, but the label wanted instant song sellers and “typical rap songs.” Rowe was heartbroken and realized that this is why the music industry is failing. The labels want to maintain status quo. The rap songs that work are lacking the essential innovation that separates a true artist from one who just wants to use the medium to make money. While that isn’t entirely unwarranted, it is nothing if not uncreative. And Rowe’s subsequent numbers reflect the alternate venues now available, as proof of both the changing face of music distribution and the disparate nature of artists and their motivations in making music: “To this date, I have over four million plays in total on SoundCloud, 80,000 streams on Spotify, 20,000 followers on Instagram, worked with producers and have gotten invited to recording studios that have done work for Kanye West, Chris Brown, Lady Gaga, and found a way to continue making music and releasing it out to the world.” Shine on, you inspired trendsetter.

[New Music] Young Carlito – Coupe

Young Carlito is a rising Rapper/ Producer from Frankford, Philadelphia. Check out his latest single Coupe below:

[New Music] Nothing but You – I Love You on My Own

Nothing But You, is a driven, talented and charismatic artist based in San Francisco. Nicky is particularly striking for her distinctive vocal skills. Her dynamic approach to singing covers an ample range, as she is able to seamlessly float from moody and introspective vocals with an intimate feel, to larger-than-life hooks that are easy to sing along and remember.

Nothing But You, Nicky grew up in Japan, but relocated half the world away, heading for the sunny shores of California. Currently, she is based in San Francisco, where she lives and works on her musical craft.

Nicky’s performative approach is direct and inspired: her songs are honest and personal, while her far reaching vocal performances exude feeling and emotion, with a really expressive sense of musicianship, inspired by legendary performers such as Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Whitney Houston or Celine Dion, just to mention but a few.

Initially, she collaborated with a producer as a duo, but later focused on her solo work, performing music with an eclectic range of influences and a kaleidoscopic vibe!

[Music Review] Gonetcha – Mission

Gonetcha’s “Mission” goes for an acid-soaked psychedelic style. Done with the utmost of care, Gonetcha creates beautiful shimmering worlds, ones that opt for thoughtful reflection. Over the course of the album Gonetcha draws from a wide variety of styles, ranging from funk to industrial to post-punk, all done with the utmost of ease. Vocals go for a hypnotic quality one whose soothing delivery feels strangely inviting. At times the unhinged experimental nature and sly grooves recall the raw energy of the Swell Maps, for like that band, their approach feels timeless. The playfulness of the lyricism alongside the freewheeling nature allows it a defiant, almost gorgeous sort of take.

Setting the tone for what follows is the trippy title track and opener “Dawn Beat”. Tremendous energy pours out of the casually cool unhinged spirit of “Lobster Game”. Dramatic flourishes rise up on the powerful “The Big If” making it one of the highlights of the album. On “Time Zone” Gonetcha rush through in a glorious blur of colors. With “Submarine Wreck” Gonetcha strips things down to the essentials, giving the minimalism a harder edged appeal. A little bit of the blues comes into the fray on the meditative “What You Stole”. Sounding like a John Maus track is the hazy dazed quality of “Unexpected”. Perfectly concluding the album is the fiery “The Messenger”.

On “Dawn Beat” Gonetcha deliver a truly unique experience, with massive hooks and infectious rhythms that linger in the mind.


Fa’Real, the artist with the knack for creating music that appeals to the mission and not the market, has released his next single, ‘Bedroom Savage’. The new song takes inspiration from the current lack of healthy behavior among men when it comes to pleasing women. ‘Bedroom Savage’ renews the rules of the game, and men can take note of what they must do to turn into their ideal selves again.

‘Bedroom Savage’ is about the man who takes pride in pleasing women. It is about being true and fair, and not short changing the fairer sex. This simple yet powerful message comes along with some fundamental principles that men must observe, such as eating healthy, exercising and being well endowed. Those who abide by these rules are the ones who set the flames of passion afire in their encounters with women.
“I realized that men today are craving for advice on how to improve their wellbeing. For me music has always been a mission, not a competition. ‘Bedroom Savage’ is my attempt to get the message of wellbeing across to all men,” said Fa’Real.

The inspiration behind ‘Bedroom Savage’ came to Fa’Real when he noticed increase in unhealthy behavior among men in his direct community. He encountered heavy binge drinking among his peers, rise in impotence and a general lack of knowledge on wellness related issues. A further impetus came after listening to Vybz Kartel’s record, “mhm hm”, in which the artist recommended an aphrodisiac blend of nuts, supligen, and oat meal to increase male sexual performance. These items soon became the top sales in the Carribbean.
Produced by Hype Yawz Production on their Big Brass Riddim, ‘Bedroom Savage’ is available on all leading digital outlets for purchase. The musical portfolio of Fa’Real is available on his YouTube channel, Fareal Di Realest.