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ATL DJ @SonnyDigital Accused Of Attempted Rape

Sonny Digital is an American artist, and I use that term very loosely.


only is he verbally abusive to women but he is also being accused of attempting to rape a female.


With his track record for aggression towards women as early as a few hours ago where he can be seen on twitter calling a woman who asked him to stay away from her repeatedly verbally attacking and degrading the woman while his followers take part. One even responded to the accuser that she was not pretty enough for Sonny to rape… wow

Twitter is crazy so who knows what will come of this nasty accusation as of right now Sonny is making things much worse by harassing women in public.


#UNCUT|f/ @OkItsKicksIt|EP. 1|Talks New Project, Brian Pumper + more|@WeTrapMusic @PreciseEarz



This week EP.1 include KicksIt from Lexington,KY. KicksIt is a indie rapper from the rap group ‘Only Crew‘. KicksIt stop by the #TrapHouse for this week’s #UNCUT EP. He mentions new releases, and the craziness the world and internet has been providing us with lately.

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@NAACP Exposed For Secretly Supporting Trump


I have no words for this … I do but I will allow to say it as they have done so in very professional manner

Intercept reports that the NAACP is taking money from donors and also writing affidavits to the court to support Trump’s agenda

LEADING CIVIL RIGHTS  groups who for many years have been heavily bankrolled by the telecom industry are signaling their support for Donald Trump’s promised rollback of the Obama administration’s net neutrality rules, which prevent internet service providers from prioritizing some content providers over others.

The Obama administration’s Federal Communications Commission established net neutrality by reclassifying high-speed internet as a regulated phone-like telecommunications service, as opposed to a mostly unregulated information service. The re-classification was cheered by advocates for a free and open internet.

But now Trump’s new FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, a former Verizon attorney, is pushing to repeal the net neutrality reform by rolling back that re-classification — and he’s getting help not only from a legion of telecom lobbyists, but from civil rights groups.

In a little-noticed joint letter released last week, the NAACP, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, OCA (formerly known as the Organization for Chinese Americans), the National Urban League, and other civil rights organizations sharply criticized the “jurisdictional and classification problems that plagued the last FCC” — a reference to the legal mechanism used by the Obama administration to accomplish net neutrality.

Instead of classifying broadband as a public utility, the letter states, open internet rules should be written by statute. What does that mean? It means the Republican-led Congress should take control of the process — the precise approach that is favored by industry.

None of the civil rights groups that signed the joint letter responded to a request for comment.

It’s not the first time civil rights group have engaged in lobbying debates seemingly unrelated to their core missions, but in favor of their corporate donors. At a time when OCA received major funding from Southwest Airlines, the group filed a regulatory letter on behalf of the airline in support of Southwest’s bid to open flights at Houston airport. The NAACP, after receiving financial backing from Wal-Mart, helped the retail chain during its contentious bid to open stores in New York City.

Telecom issues, however, are a particular specialty. Last week’s letter was organized by the Multicultural Media, Telecom & Internet Council (MMTC), a group funded by the telecom industry that has previously encouraged civil rights groups to oppose net neutrality. MMTC in previous years reported receiving about a third of its budget from industry-sponsored events; its annual summit, which was held last week, was made possible by $100,000 sponsorships from Comcast and AT&T, as well as a $75,000 sponsorships from Charter Communications and Verizon.

MMTC, which acts on the needs of telecom lobbyists, has been accused of “astroturf lobbying” by creating the appearance of grassroots support for the industry.

The civil rights group opposed to net neutrality have employed several arguments against the proposal. In one filing made in 2010, the NAACP signed onto an argument from MMTC that net neutrality reforms were a waste of resources because the FCC should focus on “more pressing racial discrimination and exclusionary hiring and promotion practices of certain Silicon Valley high-tech companies.” In a separate filing in 2014, MMTC and the NAACP argued that reclassification would threaten the “fragile state of minority engagement in the digital ecosystem.”

While advocating against net neutrality, the organizations on the joint letter have raked in money from the telecom industry.

The NAACP, which signed letters opposing net neutrality both times the rule was proposed by the Obama administration, has named AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast as corporate fundraising partners. After the NAACP endorsed Comcast’s merger with NBC, Comcast disclosed that the NAACP was one of the the recipients of $1.8 billion in funds doled out to various community groups.

The Asian-American groups on the letter, including OCA and Americans Advancing Justice, have similar ties to the largest telecom firms. Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, a trade group for the telecom industry, are listed as members of the “Corporate Alliance” of donors funding AAJC. Comcast and Verizon sponsored OCA’s annual gala last year.

The National Urban League received $1.2 million from Verizon in 2014 alone. As the Center for Public Integrity reported, senior officials from AT&T, Verizon and Comcast have held positions on the National Urban League’s board.

Net neutrality activists are crying foul.

“Net neutrality is based on a communications law that guarantees vital nondiscrimination rights,” said Jessica J. González, the deputy director and senior counsel of Free Press. “This joint statement may seem innocuous but it actually endangers the communications rights that have empowered people of color to tell our own stories, organize for racial justice and earn a living online.”

“The Congress that tried to destroy net neutrality once would only weaken it with legislation that fails to adequately protect those it is meant to serve,” says Malkia Cyril, the executive director of the Center for Media Justice. She noted that the civil rights groups that signed the letter are now calling for putting the future of the internet “into the hands of a GOP Congress that just appointed white supremacist Jeff Sessions to be attorney general.”

Activists have expressed alarm at the pace at which Commissioner Pai has already axed reforms enacted by the Obama administration. In his first days  as chairman, Pai rolled back an attempt to regulate overly expensive prison phone rates, got rid of the proposal to allow more competition for the cable box market, and blocked nine companies from providing low-income families with discounted high-speed internet services. Observers believe net neutrality is next.

But Kim Keenan, the president of MMTC, the group that organized the joint letter, has showered Pai with praise. “He is really focused on closing the digital divide. As an advocate, I feel so much pride that that it is a priority for his chairmanship,” Keenan told Multichannel News, a trade outlet.

News: @FloydMayweather ‬Promoting the @SouljaBoy @ChrisBrown Fight on PPV

Industry talk around town is Soulja Boy and Chris Brown will fight on PPV in three months.

Blac Chyna Reacts To The Kardashians’ Lawsuit Against Her

Source: Bauer-Griffin / Getty Blac Chyna became the self-proclaimed petty queen earlier this year when news broke that she was dating her baby daddy’s girlfriend’s brother, Rob Kardashian. But apparently, her shadiness was no match for that of the Kardashian klan. Earlier this week, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe‘s companies filed a lawsuit opposing Chyna’s request to use…

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Soulja Boy, Bow Wow – Ignorant Shit Album

Check out Soulja Boy and Bow Wow’s new joint collaboration album called “Ignorant Shit”. There is a lot of name dropping on the title track  “Ignorant Shit”. It is avaialable on iTunes and all other streaming services NOW!  
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Did Lil Wayne announce he signed to Roc Nation at Camp Flog Gnaw?


We’ve all herd the rumors about Lil Wayne leaving Cash Money. It’s unofficial at this point, but it seem Lil Wayne might have just announced his signing to Roc Nation.

Ciara Told Future Never To Speak Her Name In The Press Again

Ciara and Future have been pretty low-key with their drama over the past couple of months, but the former pair are making headlines again for their legal messiness. According to reports, CiCi is demanding a Georgia judge grant her a permanent injunction against her baby daddy Future; she wants to prohibit him from ever speaking negatively…

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Selena Gomez Checked Herself Into Rehab Earlier This Month — Global Grind

Earlier this month, Selena Gomez checked herself into a rehab facility with the hopes of focusing on herself, according to new reports. This should come as no surprise, as the “Good For You” singer canceled her Revival tour in late August and said in a statement to the press and fans: “I want to be proactive…

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(NEW RELEASE)”Now” @novavisuals_


Nova Visuals, well Nova released a new track  on Spinrilla called, “Now” produced by GodLike1029. If you’ve listened to the track you can tell that Nova brought a lot of energy into this one. This is not the only time I heard music from Nova but to make a long story short it seems like he’s taking his life & music serious now. I’m ready to hear more from Nova but also 2 weeks ago Nova released his EP “No Hand Outs” on Spinrilla, iTunes, Spotify, and more. His EP is doing numbers right now so you might want to go check that out also.

No Hand Outs EP

no-hand-outs-ep-front-coverOn September 16th the 20 year old artist from Lynchburg, Virgina “Nova Visuals” released his 1st EP on Spinrilla called, “No Hand Outs”. He has a total of 6 tracks on his EP , all of the tracks are different and dope. From a artist coming out of Virginia I have to say Nova is pretty dope. Throughout the EP you will also notice that Nova has his (single) “How We Livin” on there you could listen to his single on iTunes. If you’ve never heard of Nova or haven’t heard any of his music before, then go listen No Hand Outs on Spinrilla and more…


[New Mixtape] @2chainz – Daniel Son; Necklace Don


Download 2 Chainz’ new mixtape “Daniel Son; Necklace Don,” featuring Drake & YFN Lucci.
After announcing the project on Monday, 2 Chainz keeps his word & comes through only 5 days later to release his new mixtape Daniel Son; Necklace Don.Laced with 10 tracks in total, the follow up to his Collegrove project with Lil Wayne features guest appearances from Drake (“Big Amount “) & YFN Lucci (“You In Luv With Her”). Meanwhile, the hard-hittin’ production is handled by the likes of TM88, K Swisha, DJ Spinz, Dun Deal, C4, and more. Already knowing 2 Chainz’ track record, it’s safe to say this project is about to be lit.Stream/download the tape now!2 Chainz – Daniel Son; Necklace Don

Track list
01. Intro
02. Get Out The Bed (Prod. by TM88)
03. Ghetto (Prod. by Mr 2-17)
04. Ounces Back (Prod. by DJ Spinz)
05. Chirp (Prod. by K Swisher)
06. Kilo (Prod. by DJ Spinz)
07. Big Amount Feat. Drake (Prod. by Buddah Blessing)
08. You In Luv Wit Her Feat. YFN Lucci (Prod. by Bobby Kritical)
09. Blessing (Prod. by DJ Spinz)
10. 1 Yeezy Boot (Prod. by Dun Deal & C4)

ASAP Rocky and Tyler The Creator Causes Havoc at Target

If you know anything about Tyler The Creator, you know he jokes all the time when he’s in public. Recently the Odd Future front man, A$AP Rocky and crew took a trip to Target that turned into an all out laugh fest as Wolf Haley went wild in the store.

Pretty Flacko captured the video on his phone, which included shorts clips of the ride to the Target and Tyler playing ballerina at the cart station. Inside the store the antics continued as Tyler went cart surfing. He attempted the trick a number of times, even trying to get fancy and hop in the cart while it was in motion, almost falling more than once. On his last attempt he almost knocked over a display while hanging out the cart on one leg. All this happens in front of stunned shoppers. The kicker to the whole video has to be Rocky’s uncontrollable laugh which sounds like a garden sprinkler..

Tyler recently announced the dates for his 2016 Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival. The event will take place November 12 and 13 at Exposition Park in Los Angeles. The lineup has not been unveiled yet, but the fifth annual event is sure to feature some huge names, as last year included artists like Snoop Dogg, Mac Miller, YG, A$AP Rocky and more.


Hot Girls: @StephsDope model / cohost of @AngelaYee ‘s #LipService Stephanie Santiago is a #BadLillShawty


Stephanie Santiago

Stephanie Santiago

Stephanie Santiago is a model and one of the co-host for Angela Yee’s podcast Lip Service.




Troy Ave Is Out of Jail | @TroyAve

Troy Ave

Troy Ave has been released from Riker’s Island on a $500,000 bond.

According to the New York Daily News, Troy’s mother paid the half a million dollar amount to free the Brooklyn rapper on July 11th.

The B$B artist is required to wear an ankle bracelet and cannot leave New York City. He’s also not allowed no where near any concerts, bars, arenas and other music venues, and he also has a curfew held to 11 p.m.

Prior to being freed, Troy had been held in custody for weeks without a bail. He’s being charged with attempted murder and four counts of criminal possession of a weapon, each stemming from a May 25 fatal incident at Irving Plaza, which resulted in the death of Ronald “Banga” McPhatter.

Banga was Troy’s bodyguard and childhood friend. Troy denies that he was the one who fired the bullet that killed McPhatter. One of Troy’s attorneys, John Stella, was arguing in court that Troy took the gun away from the man who killed McPhatter and shot back in self-defense.

Troy was shot in the leg on the night of the shooting, and he spent time in the prison’s infirmary unit. He left the courtroom in a wheelchair on July 11th before limping to a Mercedes SUV with help from Stella and a family member.

The MC’s mother reportedly barked at reporters as the media converged on Troy and his family. His mother later told the newspaper, “No comment. Respect people’s privacy. How about that?”