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Yvng Leaf, Young and Destined for Success!

Yvng Leaf is a 15 year old rapper from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. His debut E.P., Afterlife, is about him finding myself and digging deep inside himself to find out who he is. It’s about turning his pain into greatness and destroying his past self  and the beginning a new life. Each song has the same influence, however each song was also created to have its own unique sound, style, and flow. At the same time, every song he creates is supposed to make the listener FEEL amazing, and his goal is to spread positive vibes and help people with mental and physical problems throughout the world.

He has been creating music for as long as he can remember. When he was a kid he experimented with drums and guitar. Since about the age of 8 he has been freestyling with his older brother and his friends. He never thought it would turn into a serious career back then, but he has been blessed with the right circumstances and people in his life to help him succeed. At the age of 15, he changed his identity to Yvng Leaf, found his first high-quality studio, met one of the greatest producers in Philadelphia, (TTP) and created his first project, Afterlife.

Afterlife is just the start to his career. He wants to set a name for himself and get his music out there. There will be much more music and many more projects to come.

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Kaio Kane – “Insidious”

Download The NEW Mixtape “Perfect Storm”

Big Chop – DAMM | @_bigchoppp

Just discovered a new trap artist, Big Chop. His music is fire & reminds me of Gucci and Lil B.

Crazie K!D AnonYmouS Drops “Stay Ready And Willing” – @C_K_Anon #StayRAWLP


Webster’s dictionary defines the word “anonymous” as “having no outstanding, individual, or unusual features; unremarkable or impersonal.” Philadelphia’s own Crazie K!D AnonYmouS is living proof this doesn’t always apply when it comes to that term.

Starting rap at the early age of 12, raised by a father who DJed numerous block parties, you could say that Crazie K!D was born to make music. Over the years he’s been coached by Philly legends new and old such as Chuck Nice of 3 Times Dope and DJ No Phrillz. With influences ranging from Big Pun to Nirvana to Edgar Allen Poe, the young veteran emcee is certainly anything but “unremarkable”. CKA also has a unique accomplishment under his belt that most local artists dream of: he has performed overseas, specifically in Iraq while serving this great nation.

The military discipline mindset is evident in Crazie K!D’s precise writing style and diligent work ethic. Other accolades he has already racked up include a show with Crooked I of Slaughterhouse, recording tracks with Reef the Lost Cauze & Rich Quick, and numerous victories at poetry slam competitions, which is a testament to his versatility. What really makes Crazie K!D AnonYmouS an intriguing artist though, is his life story itself.

Anonymous Back.jpg


This young man has been though three of the roughest terrains anyone can go through the military, the prison system and of course, the streets of North Philly. The influence from all three of these chapters in CKA’s life is evident in his tracks. Crazie K!D has released four mixtapes since the start of career all leading up to the “Taking Over the Throne” album, entirely produced by Fatman Elite (known as Da ILL together).

Each release has chronicled the rapper’s progression in both his craft and life in general; however, the best is yet to come. The last part of Crazie K!D Anonymous’ name may imply that he isn’t “outstanding”, “remarkable” or an “individual” but one listen will show you that he is, in fact, all of that and more.

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J. Sariah Releases FriendZone Single

J. Sariah sculpts a soulful sound on the playful “FriendZone”. Lyrics focus upon all the concept of the friend zone. One of those truly unique things, the friend zone in the song explores what that means, all the confusion it can bring and how it can change a relationship. For a friendship is something that ought to be relatively straightforward, a support network of sorts. Instead, people ought to realize that they can just truly be friends. The illusion of something more means that relationship will always have a degree of awkwardness about it, with both participants confused about what happens next. All of this is delivered masterfully via J. Sariah’s soothing vocals. Quite creative, J. Sariah’s neo soul style possesses a tremendous amount of energy, drawing from pop, hip hop, and electronica.

Not a moment is wasted as J. Sariah sets the mood of the track quite quickly. The groove has a nimbleness to it. A tremendous neon-hued melody comes into the mix, growing ever statelier with additional layer of sound. Percussion opts for a dexterity, with the bass rumbles giving it an almost summery sort of spirit. Everything feels tremendously multifaceted, allowing for the entirety of the track to become infused with a tremendous amount of life. For the final stretch of the piece J. Sariah lets the whole piece truly come into bloom.

“FriendZone” shows off the impressive storytelling abilities of J. Sariah, creating a thoughtful piece of pop.

Ravenscroft – Rebel EP

Ravenscroft is a seasoned foursome of musicians whose individual backgrounds and eclectic educations present handsomely delivered melodic alternative rock.

Ravenscroft is Melodic, Hard Hitting Rock that comes from the Soul! Their sound is derived from the very Best of Old School meets New School Hard Rock/Metal. Black Sabbath meets Tool, Drowning Pool meets Shinedown, Creed meets Godsmack! Ravenscroft is very Familiar, yet very New, Original and Cutting Edge! We were lucky enough to listen to their unreleased album titled ‘Rebel EP’. The release date has not been set.

Ravenscroft offers a soulful hard hitting hard rock on the passionate “Rebel EP”. Downright bombastic Ravenscroft blasts through the EP with a take no prisoners approach. Vocals soar above the distorted guitar din and swinging force of nature style of the rhythms. Everything virtually demands to be blasted at the highest possible volume. Layer upon layer is added with the utmost of care for Ravenscroft draws from hard rock classics alongside their contemporaries. From this approach what emerges is a sound that feels timeless yet of the here and now. Washing over the listener with a true ear for infectious hooks, the compelling nature of the tracks comes from the commanding vocals alongside the colossal guitar riffs that soar over the entire collection.

Pummeling percussion and wild guitar work comes together on the churning grooves of “The Chase”. A tribal rhythm takes hold on the ceremonial stylings of “Denomination” where the vocal delivery adds to the intensity, along with the low-slung nature of bass, rumbling with a sense of fury. Rushing through with a great energy alongside a certain degree of nimbleness, “Jaded” offers a degree of tension that they build up until the whole thing simply explodes with an intense energy. By far the highlight of the collection comes from the chaotic “Rebel”. A little bit of a mystical vibe enters into the equation on the taut “Stand Up”. Turning things on their head is the tenderness of “Dearest One” where Ravenscroft turn the volume down to reveal a real ear from melody and uncanny knack for storytelling.

Aptly named, Ravenscroft tap into an atmosphere of pure unbridled defiance with the potent “Rebel EP”.




White Horse EP – Kill Nigel

Kill Nigel is undoubtedly a true trendsetter in the new wave of talented Los Angeles music artist. If you were to see Kill Nigel in a room full of people, he would definitely stand out as the White Horse. Stylistically Kill Nigel is unique in the way he dresses, speaks and carries himself.

Kill Nigel

The project is well calculated in the way it’s put together. Kill Nigel caries the White Horse title symbolically as a theme throughout the EP. Visually if you were to see a actual white horse, it stands out and that’s what Kill Nigel is, he’s a stand out. He’s not afraid to be different. He’s comfortably and unapologetically himself.

The White Horse EP lyrically is a reflection of Kill Nigel’s true life. He speaks on faith, love, losses, wins, triumph, personal growth and evolution using melodic harmonies. If your fan of Kanye’s A Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Yeezus, Kid Cudi, Lenny Kravitz or Eminem you’d probably most definitely love White Horse by Kill Nigel.

On the streets and in many social circles the term White Horse is a euphemism for drugs. Drug usage is a primary topic on the project. Some songs like Evolve produced by Holy Beats leave you feeling like you’ve witnessed a musical confession in church. Then there are songs like Introverted / Mirrors, produced by Dr Symph which recreate the nostalgia of a good high, make you want to rage, yet still leave you in a state of tranquility as if you’ve herd a thought provoking sermon. White Horse is high level artistry. The album art, music production, features from Ram Dass, Dominic Lord, Dice Soho, HXLT, David Sabastian and Ralphy River combined with the creativity of a Kill Nigel make White Horse a timeless music project.

Instagram / Twitter: @KillNigel

Songstress INDIGO MONET releases new – H.I.P.S. (MUSIC VIDEO) Directed By FilthyMcDave


Indigo Monet is a Neo-Soul/Indie Hip Hop artist, songwriter, model, dancer, painter & actress from Long Island, NY, now based in Los Angeles, CA. Indigo has been a professional dancer for 15 years & has been doing music for 5 years now. She has released 3 projects (To Be Continued…, INDIGO, & BLEUDREAMZ the EP) & is currently working on her 4th project “the Black and Bleu EP” which will feature her newest single “When U Come” which was released at the end of 2017. She’s apart of a collective called the 7ision & also a member of Pakk Music Group. Her latest music is available on all major digital platforms (iTunes, Apple Music, TIDAL, Spotify, etc.). The BLEUDREAMZ EP is available to stream & download on SoundCloud.


H.I.P.S. Music Video was recorded in a Los Angeles desert & at Malibu beach by FilthyMcDave, who is the main videographer for The Private Club (home to Madeintyo, 24hrs, Salma Slims, etc.). The song and whole vibe of the video is all about the power of femininity and the strength gained and ability to mass manifest that comes from the knowledge of that power. It’s Indigo claiming that she knows she’s a strong force, a mystical being, & you too can join in on the mysticism, but only if you can keep up. The video highlights melanin magic & empowering woman to be confident in themselves and in their divine goddess.


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Instagram: @indigomonet


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Sean Doe expresses himself through his music. Showing his versatility with three different types of songs. F*uck Everybody shows how hungry he is. Battling Demons is an amazing song showing his relativity and  high-level lyricism. Sean Doe might be the guy to put Cleveland on the map for rap. As you listen to the EP you see how high his talent level is.

Instagram: @sseandoe

Twitter: @sevndoe

Ron So Quiet – Hipster Plug EP

Hipster Plug.PNG

Ron So Quiet is internationally  known for being the most famous hipster rapper from North Carolina. His new Hipster Plug EP has major production by Ricky Racks. The EP is really hiphop, unique sounding and influential in this era of hiphop. His lyrics are audible, straight forward yet ironic. You could compare Ron So Quiet to a new era Trinidad James.


Download via Spinrilla:

Instagram: @RonSoQuiet

PLAYBOOK – Donis & Kizzy | @DreamMusic_Kiz &  @AD4three 

Donnis & Kizzy are a rap duo from Virginia. The two have been putting work on the local rap scene out in Virginia for a few years now even though they are still teenagers themselves. The project is a aphorism for basketball, as all the song titles & lyrics allude to basketball.

Twitter: @DreamMusic_Kiz & @AD4three

Instagram: @dreammusic_kiz & @blesstheape

SoundCloud page (kizzy):

SoundCloud page (don julio):

Chuck – The Illest [Music Video] | @ChuckLarryIII

chuck illest.jpg

Chuck is a rap artist and music producer from Compton, California. He’s a part of the new breed of rap artist to come up out of the Los Angeles area. Chuck stays true to culture with his west coast rap style. The beat is produced by Chuck.


Instagram: @ChuckOnThaBeat

D Down – White Girl Feat. Dez Dolo [Prod. By Dez Dolo] | @danielrdowney

D Down is a new up and coming white rapper out of the bay area. He’s been buzzing online. His style seems similar to that of Lil B, Lil Peep and G-Eazy. We’re looking ahead to see what’s coming next from D Down.

Boss Third – Bag Up [Music Video]

Boss Third

Boss Third is a witty street rap artist straight off the streets of South Pal Beach, Florida. Boss Third is known as a  notorious hustler around the way through his neighborhood. In the last few months Boss Third has been gaining fame online dropping lots of music,

Nipsey Hussle feat. YG – Last Time That I Checc’d (Official Video)

Nipsey Hussle feat. YG - Last Time That I Checc'd

Nipsey is back once again, this time with the help of Atlantic Records. Nipsey recently signed a deal with Atlantic. The YG collaboration sounds very west coast with this new record which has gone viral in the streets

Buy/Stream “Last Time That I Checc’d”:… Pre-order VICTORY LAP out 2/16: Directed by: Sergio and Blacsam Video Commissioner: Joseph Boyd Creative Director: Lucas Prevost Follow Nipsey Hussle on socials: