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Muzic King – What It Is [MUSIC VIDEO] -(@iAmMuzicKing)

Muzic King -- What It Is.jpg

Muzic King drops a ratchet, west coast party track with a unique based visual. The visual was shot in Los Angeles and features three video models dressed in denim.

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WHAT IT IS is a song on the Trapn Ratchet EP by Muzic King:…

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Rico Nasty – Poppin (Official Music Video) @Rico_Nasty

rico nasty poppin

Poppin by Rico Nasty has become a viral hit. Rico first gained attention on YouTube by releasing several music videos and by collaborating with Lil Yachty.  Now Poppin has well over a million views.

[Video] PacMan J – “Keys (Remix)”

PacMan J comes through with a remix to DJ Khaled’s popular cut, “Keys”. This one is the most recent release from the Maryland native but it won’t certainly be the last. Check out the visuals below and support good music when you hear it!

(Video) Dzyna – “Summer 17”


Seat Pleasant, Maryland native Dzyna comes through with a brand new set of visuals for his track “Summer 17”. He links with Wise Tarantino for Vigilante Visionz and brings his DonCardio produced cut to life. This one is just setting the tone for a big close out to 2017 and an even bigger lead in as he prepares to takeover in 2018. Look out for a lot more, coming soon! Check it out below.

(Video) Tapage HD – “Mind State (Intro)”


Brooklyn emcee Tapage HD comes through with the Intro to his upcoming mixtape “No Tomorrow” he’s calling “Mind State”. THis one is a Ninja Magic and Who Vision Films production and is a quick reminder that he isn’t one to play around and is here to lay his stake in the game. Look out for the upcoming project, presented by New Stay Sober, coming very soon!

Mohammed Khider – So Many Divisions

Unity is an album conceptualized, written and sung by Mohammed Khider. Development of the Album began in early 2016. The Album’s main focus is to enlighten humanity and specifically the Muslim nation towards unification. Today the Muslim nation is deeply affected and saddened due to its lack of unity and infiltration of intolerance and extremism.

Verse 103 from Surah Al- Imran in the Holy Quran highlights the importance of unity:

  “And hold firmly to the rope of God all together and do not become divided. And remember the favor of God upon you – when you were enemies and He brought your hearts together and you became, by His favor, brothers. And you were on the edge of a pit of the Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus does God make clear to you His verses that you may be guided.”
Unity exists in many forms. First,  there exists a unity within oneself to hold steadfast against one’s own inclinations and desires. Once person is unified they can focus on their greater goal in life.  There is also unity in a family, which consists of the husband and wife, parents and children and then the greater family. Once unified,  the individual members can be focused and work towards a greater cause and be a productive component in any society at large.
Once a family is united then unification extends to our community, city and country. Disunity is the primary factor in the dissolution of marriages, families, communities and faiths.
The tracks in the Album focus on the theme of unity in its various components:
Track Details (13 tracks total):
Ya Ummati ( English and Arabic) – “O My Nation” – which refers to the cry of the Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w) for his nation. This song/nasheed stresses the importance of unity in the Muslim Nation throughout the world highlighting its most distressing concerns which specifically are the issues of oppression and suppression of the poor and weak and also the conflict between different created sects of the faith since its birth.
Zawjati (English and Urdu) – “My Wife” – a song/nasheed dedicated to my wife and also a song/nasheed to stress the importance of unity and love between a husband and wife. In today’s society, extramarital affairs are common and divorce rates are skyrocketing mainly due to the lack of concern and respect for one another among other factors.
Ya Rahman (English and Urdu)  – “O Beneficent” – A cry to the Lord of the Worlds and a question as to why so many divisions and sects have formed overtime. This song/nasheed is also a plea to unify the nation. The essence the song is realization of our current state.
Waliday Al habiban- “My Beloved Parents” – a song/nasheed dedicated to my parents and also to stress the importance of unity and love between a child and their parents. In one aspect,  dis-unification occurs initially between a husband and wife which may lead to further disunity between their children and themselves.
Ya Rabbi and Aye Khuda (English and Urdu) – “O My Lord” – A soul is searching for their Lord as it doesn’t feel content without His remembrance.  Affairs of his world, desires and wants have emptied the individual and made them devoid of guidance.  The soul questions his Lord in regards to the current state of mankind.
Ya Banati – “O my daughters” – a song dedicated to my daughters and also any individual with daughters which reflects the affection of a father for his daughters no matter what age they may be. 
Ya Rasulallah – “O Messenger of God” – a song dedicated to the messenger God who is the most cherished person in the Islamic faith. He is also our teacher in all aspects of life. Despite his detailed instructions,  we as a nation have done exactly the opposite of what he taught. Today the Muslim Nation is shown as being unjust and hateful. Our solution is to go back to his teachings.
We Cant Change Our – “we can’t change our condition until we change ourselves”. For any change to develop we must change our inner soul. A song and cry for this Ummah/Nation. If we have to be what we once were we must reflect on this.
We Must Survive – “we must survive in these dark times”. We are living in the “dark times” of the Ummah/Nation. This song stresses the importance of the initial revelation brought down  to us by the Prophet. Our goal is to use his revelation to reach our prior state


(Video) Scotty Mills – “Bounce”


Jacksonville, Florida native Scotty Mills comes through with the visuals for the third single off of the album “Silent Summer”, “Bounce”. Always the life of the party, the emcee takes center stage and makes a case for the song of the summer with this one. If you haven’t already, grab the album on Spotify and look out for a lot more from Scotty, coming soon!

(Video) 4 Waayy K – “Rolex Diamonds”


4 Waayy K comes through with the official visuals for his smash “Rolex Diamonds”. The THIZAEZBEAT produced cut is all about the flex as 4 Waayy keeps it all the way 100 with a bad bitch in-tow. Check back for a lot more from the St. Louis emcee as he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down any time soon!

(Video) Nut Savage – “Make A Way”


Nut Savage is trying to make his way through the world just like anybody else. Except for Nut, there’s obstacles in his way. As he looks to the future, the St. Louis artist is trying his best to make a better way for himself and his family. Just trying to escape the streets of his city, Nut does whatever he can to survive. This is none more evident than on his latest release “Make A Way”. Check it out below!

(Video) Shadow DiGeneral – “Light Skin Cubana”


When the summer hits, there is no telling what will come along. For Shadow DiGeneral, it just so happens to be a “Light Skin Cubana” and we aren’t mad at it. The Brampton, Ontario native hits the beach and finds what seems to be “the one” as he tries to get to know her better and see just exactly what it is she’s all about. This one is produced by L.E.N Beats, who provides a trap-like anthem that’s sure to go-off as we hit the warmer months. Check it out below!

(Video) Damond Young – “I Am Dog Backwards” X “No More”


New Orleans native Damond Young is a many of many hats. This go around, the up and coming star drops off two self-directed videos for his songs “I Am Dog Backwards” & “No More”. Synesthetic Nation is responsible for production on both, as he touches on his rise in the game and staying away from the negativity the haters bring his way, along with his focus to tour the world and take over as one of the biggest names to ever do it. If these are any indication of what’s to come, you can bet you will be seeing a lot more of Damond Young for a long time. Grab his album #TheTeenagerStory where all music is sold!

(Video) Mr. M.A.C. – “Scooter Story Pt 1”


Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida by way of Mississippi, Mr. M.A.C. has a story to tell. For his latest release, the southern emcee drops of a new set of visuals directed by Film Rat Production for his YaBoi410 produced cut “Scooter Story Pt. 1”. This one is spoiled kid who chooses to hang with the wrong crowd, leading him down the wrong path that he might not be able to get out of. Check out the video, look out for more coming soon from Mr. M.A.C. and support good music!

Scottie Jax Presents ‘The Cop and The Con Man’ (Full Movie 2017)

Independent hiphop artists and aspiring film maker Scottie Jax has just released the first of hopefully many short running films. The independent artist flexes his creativity in the 30 min short action film ‘The Cop and The Con Man’. Check it out on Youtube.

(Video) SaySay – “Bling Blouw”


Hampton, Virginia artist SaySay returns and this time he’s bringing the trap with him! For his latest release, the emcee let’s go of a club banger called “Bling Blouw” that takes us on the road to riches for those dedicated to living that blinged out lifestyle. This one is for everyone spending that paper on cars, clothes, jewelry, who are just living the life of luxury. The MCbeats produced cut can be seen below thanks to the direction of Directortino. Check it out and grab the track on Apple Music and Spotify!

(Video) Nersh – “Catharsis Pt. 2”


Wichita, Kansas native Nersh is a man of many hats. Not only is he responsible for the bar work on his latest single “Catharsis Pt. 2”, but he’s also the man providing the backdrop. Linking with Supi to bring his words to life, Nersh tackles Donald Trump, trash rappers and exploitative media, over a self-produced key-laden beat. If you like it and want to support good music, you can grab this one on iTunes or your favorite music retailer!