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Beats, Breaks & Bass – Music Video – The Pagliaci feat Alaska MC

Check out this song and music video for Beats, Breaks & Bass. If you are looking for a true high energy party song to get you going, this is it!


Junior vs DJ Pleez – Summer Love EP

Junior vs DJ Pleez goes for a sun-soaked, party atmosphere on the bumping sound of “Summer Love EP”. Done with a sly sort of tenderness, the entire EP is full of love. Anchored heavily in a neon-hued dance floor style, everything works in service of the groove. Stylistically, the collection owes a heavy debt to electro’s summery vibes, while it incorporates elements of pop, EDM, glistening R&B, and more into a singular whole. Infinitely playful, the songs deserve to be absolutely blasted. Fiery and passionate, the vocals rest at the heart of it all, featuring a tremendous amount of energy. Best of all, Junior vs DJ Pleez sculpt a unique sound one that has a warm welcoming presence to it. Playfulness expands off into the infinite while the whole of the work rolls through.

With “Last Man” they open the collection up on a high note, as the romantic notions of the song work wonders. Full of longing, the song has a yearning quality to it. On “Show U Off” they slow things down featuring glistening keyboards. By far the highlight the whole of the piece bounces with such determination. Rather soothing, “Keep Me Up” has a late-night vibe to it, as the song explores atmospherics with the utmost of ease. Swinging through in a display of earnest lovingness “Summertime (I Always Miss U)” gently glides along with the utmost of care and compassion. Tenderness flows through as the lyrics drive down to the very heart of a relationship. Ending the whole of the collection are two extended cuts of “Last Man” and “Keep Me Up”. Backup vocalists add to the wonder of “Last Man – Extended Version” as does the additional emphasis on the groove. Heavier and more minimal “Keep Me Up – Extended Version” has a hazy, dreamy vibe to it.

Effortlessly cool, Junior vs DJ Pleez’s “Summer Love EP” has a gorgeous sound, one so satisfyingly silky smooth and serene.


Denise Renee Caplock – Irish Tears: The Instrumentals

Denise Renee Caplock goes for a full-bodied, deep house style with the powerful physicality of “Irish Tears: The Instrumentals”. Songs effortlessly flow into each other, making the entire collection a series of suites in a greater symphony. By opting for such an approach, the tracks possess an incredible physicality to them. Energetic to their very core, the propulsive rhythms become outright addictive. This, alongside Denise Renee Caplock’s uncanny ear for melody, results in a sound that feels so absolutely joyous and playful.


Not a moment is wasted for things start up immediately with the kinetic four to the floor “Daniel Blow Your Horn”. Featuring rich, resonant tones the whole piece feels so soothing, even with a slight nod to tech house. Incredible light pours out of the determination of the powerful “Holly Tree” with every layer of sound coming together with such ease. Usage of samples works wonders on the surreal scope of the title track “Irish Tears”. The inclusion of the samples gives it a collage-like feel, for the sly groove further emphasizes its freewheeling spirit. Giddiness rests at the very heart of everything with the carefree “Limerick Dreams”. Rushing through its track length in a gorgeous blur is the delightful finale of the collection closer, the luscious temperament of “Shamrock Skies” which cleverly infuses folk into its very sound.

With “Irish Tears: The Instrumentals” Denise Renee Caplock works with a wide palette of sound resulting in something that feels so fresh and fun.

Facebook: Denise Renee Caplock
Instagram: DeniseReneeCap
Facebook: Collinscrest Entertainment Group




Gaaar is  a 19 year old EDM producer from Washington state. Recently dropped his newest mix GARMIX Vol. 05. Unique. Original. Confident. Check out his latest mixes/originals at –


Insta: @gaaar__

Twitter:@ GAAAR__

Skrillex Releases Zelda-inspired Video Game Called Skrillex Quest


Famous EDM DJ & producer, Skrillex has now released a new Zelda-inspired video game, aptly dubbed Skrillex Quest created by Jason Oda. Check out to preview the game.

Party @ Rolling Stone in Hollywood Tonight

Rolling Stone

Mention Muzic King @ the Door for discounted entry!

Located in the Heart of Hollywood at:

6801 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90028
on Hollywood and Highland!


This girl is crazy, but you have to love her. Signed to Interscope, the Harlem Native Azelia Banks definitely has a unique musical style consisting of a fusion of rap, edm & house music.