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NO LOVE EP – NELSON | @NelsonGangXo

Nelson drops a new dope EP. This tape is so fire!! Nelson really went in. He even has a feature from Chxpo. Everything about the project is awesome, the artwork, the beats & Nelson’s flows.



Kevin Jere – VISION | @kevinjere_

New Jersey rap artist Kevin Jere returns with a lyrical record from his Limyé project entitled Vision.

Twitter: @kevinjere_

Instagram: @kevinjere_

Chris Rhoadz – Whatchu Bout (Prod. HIGHTHUMB)

Chris Rhoadz is an independent hiphop artist from Miami Fl USA. His music and style is influenced by and similar to that of Postmalone, Travis Scott, Ski mask the slump god, and Lil Uzi Vert. He is beginning to make some waves with his most popular track reaching over 30k new listeners on Soundcloud. He is determined and working hard to make himself known.

“My music is an extension of my being, all about positive. I do chase for depth and am not afraid to channel my demons into my music, I do hope to show more of my depth in my future projects. But as of now my music is all about good vibes and not giving a f#@&k. When you listen if you get a different interpretation by all means i wont try to look down on it. Art is meant to and can be perceived in many different ways.” – Chris Rhoadz

Check out his latest single Whatchu Bout below and be sure to follow.



[Music] Rowe Rowe – 1Day

Rowe Rowe is an 18-year-old rapper from Los Angeles, California. Themes of violence, sexism, and derogatory language often seem inherent to the genre that is rap music, and something that he didn’t believe should be the only topics, so he interpreted this as a calling for him to rebrand the rap genre as an art form. Every time he put on his headphones, he entered into another state, a vortex in which he found his harmony and voice. He resonated with the art form’s focus on “the struggle,” amid rappers’ motivation to find an escape and use such for empowerment. As a young child, he remembered turning the radio to the rap station, only for it to be instantly switched to another by his parents. After this, he always wondered what they were so afraid of. Rowe’s goal became to create music that had positive messages of triumph and joy. At eight, he wrote his first rhyme and played around with the Garage Band app. After writing a few songs, Rowe realized that he could use iTunes to publish his music, and at age twelve, his first single was released. The song, The Streets, gained immense popularity in the Calabasas area of Los Angeles, where he was attending middle school at the time, selling one hundred copies within the initial week. Subsequent weeks saw the number exponentially grow to one thousand copies sold. The word was out, the near release of the album Rowetropolis was sure to be an even greater success. This album has one of his top songs of all time, Cash in the Stash. He has worked with the likes of DJ Rupp, Tempo Stokes, Riley Urick, Mickey Shiloh, and Oneinthe4rest, among other big names in the music industry.

When Rowe Rowe was asked to reflect on his experience in the music industry, he stated: “Whenever I listened to my favorite rapper’s music, a common theme which emerged was that the only way to make it in this industry is to invest in your career. I decided to take all of the money I made from my first single and invest in promotion on iTunes. When sales came back extremely low, I was confused. I learned that all my friends were using free music services such as SoundCloud and Spotify. I was distraught; I had realized I lost of all my earnings. This was a time when I just wanted to quit, as my hope to spread my music seemed over.” In this, we can see how initial expectations gave way to disappointment, in a not dissimilar overture to how rap as a genre transformed from artists drawing on their life experiences to a glorification of a largely fantasy world of gangsters, crime, and drugs.

Rowe continues: “However, I did not allow myself to give up and decided to join the trend of releasing music via streaming services. I realized that I had fallen for what the greats of the industry said; I did not need to spend money on promotions because people were already listening. I put my music on SoundCloud and Spotify, and instantly people were sharing my music, and play numbers dramatically increased.” This is a testament to hard work, and it is fine evidence that Rowe’s efforts were not only sincere to himself, but in his mission to reform the worse traits of the rap genre, and he knew that it was commercialization, other peoples’ ideas, and other peoples’ money that had transformed the genre, rather than the true nature of the music.

“The next step was to obtain a record deal. One day, I walked into a major record label in Los Angeles and asked to meet with a representative at the label. To my surprise, after showing the receptionist my music, she introduced me to an A&R, which I then sent my music to. She told me that she would get back to me if this was something the label was interested in. This whole situation is uncommon in the industry, as you usually have to have a manager and arrange a meeting, but the woman who I talked too heard something in my words. Two days later, I received an email stating they wanted to have a formal meeting. The next week, the person who I was supposed to have a meeting with told me that they loved my music, but the label wanted instant song sellers and “typical rap songs.” Rowe was heartbroken and realized that this is why the music industry is failing. The labels want to maintain status quo. The rap songs that work are lacking the essential innovation that separates a true artist from one who just wants to use the medium to make money. While that isn’t entirely unwarranted, it is nothing if not uncreative. And Rowe’s subsequent numbers reflect the alternate venues now available, as proof of both the changing face of music distribution and the disparate nature of artists and their motivations in making music: “To this date, I have over four million plays in total on SoundCloud, 80,000 streams on Spotify, 20,000 followers on Instagram, worked with producers and have gotten invited to recording studios that have done work for Kanye West, Chris Brown, Lady Gaga, and found a way to continue making music and releasing it out to the world.” Shine on, you inspired trendsetter.

Itamar Borochov – Boomerang (Album Review)

Itamar Borochov goes for a timeless, tasteful sort of cool with the flawless jazz perfection of “Boomerang”. Done with such deft skill, the album unfolds with a tremendous level of confidence. Arrangements are given plenty of room, so every instrument can truly get its own moment. Everything works, with the true heart and soul coming from the incredible trumpet work that graces the entirety of the album. With the greatest of care, the way the tracks come together makes them feel akin to a gorgeous tapestry. Nor is the trumpet alone in all of this: the piano opts for a gracious flow, one that helps to further cement the tenderness resting at the heart of it all.

Nicely introducing the album and setting the tone is the dreamy “Tangerine”. From there Itamar Borocho reaches a high point with the blissful, multi-faceted “Shimshon”. Presenting a great variety of patterns, the song constantly reinvents itself, with fantastic rhythms and passionate playing from all involved. Slowing things down a bit is the soothing and aptly named “Eastern Lullaby”. A great deal of action comes into the mix on the hyperactive “Jones Street” which goes for a sophisticated urbane quality. Wild and unhinged “Jaffa Tune” moves with such intensity. This swinging atmosphere continues on the rush of “Ca Va Bien”. “Prayer” closes off the album on a reflective note, embracing a spacious realm before it gently drifts away.

With “Boomerang” Itamar Borochov sculpts a careful, hypnotic world one that feels infinitely soothing.


Israeli-born, Brooklyn-based trumpeter & composer Itamar Borochov connects lower Manhattan to North Africa, modern Israel and ancient Bukhara, celebrating traces of the divine that he finds in elegant sophistication, Middle Eastern tradition and downhome blues. Borochov brings a unique sound with him wherever he goes. Deeply immersed in the jazz tradition, Borochovʼs search for his personal roots resulted in an ever-expanding love for Arab and Pan-African musical sensibilities – a natural palette for a trumpeter-composer raised in Jaffa, an integrated Muslim-Jewish-Christian city.
After working with such legendary artists as Curtis Fuller and Candido Camero, and having served as arranger and co-producer for acclaimed world music sensation Yemen Blues, Borochov set out on his own path. His critically acclaimed recording Outset was included in the New York City Jazz Record’s Best of 2014 List, and his latest album Boomerang, has already received serious critical acclaim, and peaked at #5 on iTunes’ Jazz Download chart, and #6 on Amazon’s Jazz Download Chart, and was chosen as “revelation” on Jazz Magazine. Audiences worldwide are falling for his enchanting sound and virtuosic expression.

Jason Okan – Pray (Review)


Jason Okan’s explores the importance of faith with the spiritual ode of “Pray”. Sung with the utmost of passion, the song radiates with a tremendous sense of determination. With a powerful, commanding voice, Jason Okan sings with a steely resolve. Lyrics focus upon the inner strength needed to resist evil and its temptations. By letting the track revolve around the trials and tribulations that all face, the song gains a universality of sorts. Nicely accompanying the soothing reassuring vocals is a careful arrangement, form the physicality of the beats to the glistening melodies that overlay everything. Stylistically Jason Okan draws from a traditional gospel sound with a futuristic update.

Elegant piano chords strike with a tremendous resonance. Quite masterfully the piece unfolds with a natural grace. Refusing to ever sit still, the rhythm has an infectious, deeply felt emotional core. Gradually Jason Okan lets the piece expand, soaring up into the heavens. Upon Jason Okan stating “We Must Pray” the song gains a communal aspect to the overall process. Such great strength flows through the entirety of the track while the multiple layers of sound expand. Elements of dance and pop flow through, adding to the heft of the message. Towards the latter half of the piece Jason Okan emphasizes the importance of community, of how religion brings people together.

With “Pray” Jason Okan goes for a timeless sort of sound which feels particularly urgent, one that implores the listener to embrace faith.

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Eyal Erlich, Folk Singer on the Rise


Eyal Erlich’s work presents a haunting beauty that represents the best of what bluesy folk can offer. Keeping things to the absolute essentials Eyal Erlich chooses to go for small intimate arrangements. Throughout his output there is a fondness for stripping things down to the absolute essentials. By far the heart and soul comes from his delicate lyricism, one that focuses upon a love for the world. Sung with the utmost of passion, Eyal Erlich’s voice has an incredible range. Additionally, his guitar work has a soothing quality to it, as he taps into glimmering rhythmic riffs where all feels so real and tactile. Over the course of the first few tracks of his Soundcloud profile, Eyal Erlich’s emotional delivery recalls the tenderness of Nick Drake’s later works, in particular the loveliness of “Pink Moon”.

Spacious to its core “Rain” has an angelic quality to it, as Eyal Erlich’s voice perfectly soars into the sky. A sense of community comes into the fray with the reassuring message of “Already In”. Nimble guitar work adds to the directness of “All In All”. The smoothness of “It don’t seem right” chooses to go for a spirited, almost giddy kind of energy. Celebratory energy infuses the lush “5 AM”. Hushed whispers rise up on the potent “I wish I knew”. Perfect with its balance between tremendous outpouring of compassion “Mourning Love” at times taps into Vashti Bunyan’s graceful presence.

Through his attention to detail, these songs have a tremendous emotional impact as Eyal Erlich shows off the undeniable power of folk.

Based-out of Tel Aviv, Israel, singer/songwriter Eyal Erlich takes a personal approach to his music that resonates with a humble honesty and sincere passion. Embracing the freedom of expression, his vibrant & versatile sound features soulful melodies in an acoustic setting, and a wide range of highly imaginative ideas that combine genuine heart and a sheer desire to entertain & truly communicate through music.

As he first stepped into the scene and began to perform nearly two years ago, Eyal has confidently taken his music to many stages since, touring through Israel extensively and continuing to do so throughout the year in 2018. His tireless work ethic and relentless love of the craft keeps this songwriter busy each and every day, refining his style, sound, and songs in effort to provide the people out there with a memorable experience in music that will make an impact & stick with them long after they’ve heard it.


Eyal’s authenticity shines through his material in every moment – and the people are listening. With a series of online singles being released, his music is already racking up hundreds of thousands of hits; Eyal’s insightfully relatable lyricism and stunning acoustic melodies are connecting with dedicated listeners & supportive fans from around the globe. And this is still just the beginning of the adventure.

2018 promises to be the most exciting chapter of Eyal Erlich’s career to-date. From extensive tour plans including trips abroad to play overseas, to beginning to record his debut full-length album starting in February – Eyal is seizing the momentum, inspiration and excitement surrounding his music and making the most of every opportunity that comes his way. Ready & entirely willing to share the magic of music with each and every one of YOU out there – you can expect a ton of new songs over the course of the year with new singles and videos supporting his debut record – so be ready to be part of the experience & part of the fun as Eyal gets set to make his mark in the music-scene & turn his dreams into his reality.

Skystar – Like Fire


My name is Ainsworth Rose AKA Skystar. Reggae Singer/Songwriter. Born in Jamaican, last child for my mother and second child for my father. I was

born and raised in kingston jamaica and rural communities across the island. As child i was raised by my mother Etta Dawn Lawrence in a one room, board house in the hills of St Andrew. Due to the harsh poverty of life i found music and used it as painkiller to ease the painful frustration of poverty, gang voilence and turf war.

I later moved to kingston 20 at 13 years old; where i atteneded Oberlin high school for 3years due a lack of financial stability

i was transfered to an inner city school (Pembrokehall Secondary School) at that time my house was burnt down by a gang war, that struck the community. We thn moved to Patrick Gardens where I started to develope a for love music. I used to sneak out the house at nights to enter dancehall battles. I was so quick on my words and stage craft that i never lost a battle.

it was in 2005; I was in 9th grade when I met my manager and mentor Mark Francis, who showed me not only the depths of music but was a real father figure as well. I was signed to his label (Gabash Ent). I started writing professionally at the age of 15 years, I’ve done work with some of the most reputable producers in jamaica such as-:bobby digital, dayne chang, calibuds, scufry, and dean mundy.etc.

I’ve done many top stage shows (pre sumfest, tivoli jamboree, sylum night club, sting, and many more…

My first two singles was released in 2007, (autobiography and rudeboy) produce by Dean Mundy and Dayne Chang. When my manager passed away in 2013, I came to live in Canada and started my music venture as an independent artiste working alongside a few record label such as (Wizdom Ent and Soundproof Studio). I’ve done many gigs in Alberta and in Toronto. I also did calabs with a few giants in the reggae industry such as (Bunny Diamond from the group Mighty Diamnds, Jahvinci, Juicey from Germany, and a few local artiste in Edmonton Snipa Wizdom, Dizzy, Tella Time, Dre Day, and Ct Scan.

My first official single in titled (Like Fire) produce by me Skystar, Greg Fuzion Records in Jamaica and Wizdom Ent. in Alberta. (like Fire) was also one of my first music videos.

My job as a musician is to educate and entertain as a means to achieve social and econamical growth within our world. I want to touch more hearts in 3minute than a heart surgeon..

Junior vs. DJ Pleez – Ready to Love

Junior vs. DJ Pleez goes for a physical sort of dance pop with the passionate “Ready to Love”. With immaculate production that positively glistens, the pieces feel so crisp, teeming with life. Best of all are the vocals which show off an impressive range. Stylistically while the sound is anchored with this poppy sensibility, elements of hip-hop, R&B, even electronica flows into the mix with the utmost of ease. Right in the center of all of these and tying everything together is a tender form of lyricism, one that explores a sense of desire. Yearning and relationships help to sculpt these stories, ones that help to tie the entire collection together. At times the collection recalls the 80s R&B experiments of Neon Indian and other similarly-minded chillwave artists.

By far the highlight of the collection comes with the multifaceted opener and title track “Ready To Love”. Tactile details come to the forefront, from the soothing deep bass to the playful finger snaps. Multiple layers of sound work wonders as everything feels downright gorgeous. Slowing things down a little bit is the neon-hued realm of “Together (Forever)”. Dreamy to its core a degree of optimism enters into the mix, with a pulsing groove further adding to the sense of luxury that permeate the piece. Ending things on a high note is the lush and summery sound of “Love Ya”.

With “Ready to Love” Junior vs. DJ Pleez chooses a full-bodied, fully engrossing sort of sound, one that feels so real.

Junior (aka Brian McKnight Jr.) is a talented LA-based singer, songwriter and performer. This is a project in collaboration with SF Bay Area DJ & Producer, DJ Pleez bio here:

Twitter: @djpleez

Gerard Edery – Best of Gerard Edery Vol. 1


Gerard Edery paints with an impressive palette of color on this soothing album. With a fondness for spacious atmospheres and a pastoral quality, there is an intimacy that ties the entire album together. Sung with such passion, Gerard Edergy proves to have a deft ear for melody, featuring arrangements that positively teem with life. A communal spirit appears throughout, as the songs offer a celebratory, joyful spirit. Instrumentation feels particularly rich, with light delicate rhythms and lush guitar work. By far the true heart and soul comes from Gerard Edery’s resonant vocals that grace every piece, imbuing it with a strong sense of life.

Setting the tone for the album the ornate “Bin El Barch/Ki Eshmerah Shabbat” introduces things on a high note, with triumphant guitar work and tactile percussion. Regal in temperament “Los Ejes de mi Carreta” has a mysterious aura to it. Thoughtful and contemplative “Chacarera de las Piedras” chooses a nimble path, with guitars merging together with a slightly theatrical flourish. “Lie Down Beside Me” strips things down the essentials, with shimmering tones and deep, lovely vocals adorning the entirety of the piece. A brightness permeates the highlight of the album, the tender “Tres Morillas”. An autumnal presence underlies the spirited “Des Oge Mais”. Ending the entire album on a comfortable note the rich “Where Corals Lie” neatly summarizes all that came before it.

On “Best of Gerard Edery Vol. 1” Gerard Edery brings together elements of folk, classical, and jazz into a compelling, fully complete whole.

Download or purchase Best of Gerard Edery on:

Rapper Angello Black Releases Hot New Single “Copa”

Scottsdale, Arizona’s own Latin hip-hop crossover artist Angello Black dropped his latest song Copa (Cup) . Originally hailing from Virginia, the first generation rapper/musician became enamored with the idea of a career in music at the age of 14 after having a vivid dream about becoming a performer. At the same age he was inspired to hone his craft by listening to the hip-hop artists of that time such as Jay Z, Eminem and Young Jeezy who are considered legendary MC’s today.

Over the years Black has crafted a very diverse modern style that is a mix of Latin EDM and hip-hop while he frequently spits rhymes with ease in both English and Spanish. He has also been methodically developing his brand working with other up and coming music artists while also being heavily involved in producing music tracks for television, social media and film. Black sees himself as morphing into a mogul in the music industry similar to other savvy triple threat performers turned music moguls like Dr. Dre and Black’s childhood idol Jay Z. Black sees his future as being a talent well known for producing, writing and performing – “a connoisseur to the business side of the music industry”, he says.

Angello Black’s song Copa (Cup) produced and written by Black, Izzy Neutron, and DJ Shaw T is in reference to the value of women being more than just a trophy or arm candy. Black explains, “It’s about beautiful, independent hardworking women. The go-getters. The ones that want a successful man as their companions. ”

Copa floods is available on ITunes and throughout digital media platforms.

To learn more or Follow Angello Black visit:

For Media inquiries please contact Reyna Trevino at Trevino Enterprises at
818-302-0030 or via email:

Born in Texas to Salvadoran parents, Angello Black lived with his single mother. As a young child he remembers going to El Salvador and listening to an artist by the name of El General (Reggaeton). His sound rescinded with him for years to come. “I felt his music through my veins and from there on I made a decision that I wanted to one day make music like that” At the young age of 10 Angello’s mom could no longer financially or emotionally support her son that she had no choice but put him in foster care. Throughout the years he lived with several families, the last of which he grew very close too. His foster Grandma, who was a singer herself, inspired and encouraged him to pursue a musical career.

Everything starts with just a dream. A tiny spark. When Angello Black was just 14 years old he had a dream of performing that seemed so real, so vivid that it became his life’s goal and ambition. As a first generation musician, he began exploring the sounds he heard around him and has developed into a hip-hop artist primed for superstardom with a growing fan base stretching from the U.S, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. “Music is a part of my life, countless sacrifices life-changing experiences, music moves me everywhere. It’s the fuel to my soul. I enjoy the process of producing my craft, performing it. Its a way of life. But it’s also serving as in influence to those aspiring to peruse their dreams”, says Angello. Black adds, “My style is very modern, Latin EDM, hip-hop, rap. I usually switch it up – English and Spanish in the records. I keep it diverse in my music”.

His sound is an amalgamation of today’s boss hip-hop tones with rhymes displaying a feverishly versatile Latin swagger, taking cues and lessons from his influences such as Jay Z, Eminem, Young Jezzy, and Tego Calderon just to name a few who have laid the groundwork before him. Angello Black has also been writing private projects for television programming, commercials, ads, and movie trailers for a while now as an in-demand independent artist. Having already successfully created music for brands such as Warner Bro’s , Buzz Feed Netflix, and Toyota, Black is confident in expressing his future, “I predict my music will be collecting Grammy’s and Billboards, it will be heard globally and thru out the entire universe. ”

With the care and sweat equity that Angello Black puts into his work as both an artist and performer one is apt to believe his prediction will easily come to fruition. Currently, Black has three tunes he wrote and produced “Rap Don”, “Chapulin” and “Cumpleaños” featured on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube. He says his music is a reflection of the life he has lived and seen set to compositions. One can tell that sky’s the limit for the young rapper as he proclaims, “this upcoming year of 2018 will be in full force of promotion and marketing my music campaigns. I also will be more involved in major labels and brands. Expanding my music all across the globe.”

Angello is currently gearing up for a promotional campaign promoting his new music and his new music video. He hopes to also one day to open up his own organization that will mentor foster children and let them know that there is hope out there with great opportunities.



Kash Out - Muzic King.jpg

Muzic King is a rap artist and music producer from Los Angeles. His new Kash Out video is visually very unique.  ,Muzic King raps about money, currency and cash on this new track. The beat is produced by Muzic King.


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Nipsey Hussle feat. YG – Last Time That I Checc’d (Official Video)

Nipsey Hussle feat. YG - Last Time That I Checc'd

Nipsey is back once again, this time with the help of Atlantic Records. Nipsey recently signed a deal with Atlantic. The YG collaboration sounds very west coast with this new record which has gone viral in the streets

Buy/Stream “Last Time That I Checc’d”:… Pre-order VICTORY LAP out 2/16: Directed by: Sergio and Blacsam Video Commissioner: Joseph Boyd Creative Director: Lucas Prevost Follow Nipsey Hussle on socials:

🎶 ABR$ (@albarrasin_ssd) –  “NO DISTRACTIONS” prod. @Syndrome_Beats

ABR$ is a very talented, lyrical hiphop artist from Florida. He stands out because he’s not a trap rapper. His bars actually make sense, have lyrically structure and derive meaning. No Distractions is a great motivational hiphop record.

New York Singer June Gray drops “NIGHT TERROR” – @JuneGrayy

June Gray is a singer from Buffalo New York now residing in Los Angeles. She’s been signing since she was a child and attended a performing arts high school. Night Terror is one of her first professional singles. It represents the evilness of night terrors but in way that sounds beautiful