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[Music Review] Gonetcha – Mission

Gonetcha’s “Mission” goes for an acid-soaked psychedelic style. Done with the utmost of care, Gonetcha creates beautiful shimmering worlds, ones that opt for thoughtful reflection. Over the course of the album Gonetcha draws from a wide variety of styles, ranging from funk to industrial to post-punk, all done with the utmost of ease. Vocals go for a hypnotic quality one whose soothing delivery feels strangely inviting. At times the unhinged experimental nature and sly grooves recall the raw energy of the Swell Maps, for like that band, their approach feels timeless. The playfulness of the lyricism alongside the freewheeling nature allows it a defiant, almost gorgeous sort of take.

Setting the tone for what follows is the trippy title track and opener “Dawn Beat”. Tremendous energy pours out of the casually cool unhinged spirit of “Lobster Game”. Dramatic flourishes rise up on the powerful “The Big If” making it one of the highlights of the album. On “Time Zone” Gonetcha rush through in a glorious blur of colors. With “Submarine Wreck” Gonetcha strips things down to the essentials, giving the minimalism a harder edged appeal. A little bit of the blues comes into the fray on the meditative “What You Stole”. Sounding like a John Maus track is the hazy dazed quality of “Unexpected”. Perfectly concluding the album is the fiery “The Messenger”.

On “Dawn Beat” Gonetcha deliver a truly unique experience, with massive hooks and infectious rhythms that linger in the mind.


Eyal Erlich, Folk Singer on the Rise


Eyal Erlich’s work presents a haunting beauty that represents the best of what bluesy folk can offer. Keeping things to the absolute essentials Eyal Erlich chooses to go for small intimate arrangements. Throughout his output there is a fondness for stripping things down to the absolute essentials. By far the heart and soul comes from his delicate lyricism, one that focuses upon a love for the world. Sung with the utmost of passion, Eyal Erlich’s voice has an incredible range. Additionally, his guitar work has a soothing quality to it, as he taps into glimmering rhythmic riffs where all feels so real and tactile. Over the course of the first few tracks of his Soundcloud profile, Eyal Erlich’s emotional delivery recalls the tenderness of Nick Drake’s later works, in particular the loveliness of “Pink Moon”.

Spacious to its core “Rain” has an angelic quality to it, as Eyal Erlich’s voice perfectly soars into the sky. A sense of community comes into the fray with the reassuring message of “Already In”. Nimble guitar work adds to the directness of “All In All”. The smoothness of “It don’t seem right” chooses to go for a spirited, almost giddy kind of energy. Celebratory energy infuses the lush “5 AM”. Hushed whispers rise up on the potent “I wish I knew”. Perfect with its balance between tremendous outpouring of compassion “Mourning Love” at times taps into Vashti Bunyan’s graceful presence.

Through his attention to detail, these songs have a tremendous emotional impact as Eyal Erlich shows off the undeniable power of folk.

Based-out of Tel Aviv, Israel, singer/songwriter Eyal Erlich takes a personal approach to his music that resonates with a humble honesty and sincere passion. Embracing the freedom of expression, his vibrant & versatile sound features soulful melodies in an acoustic setting, and a wide range of highly imaginative ideas that combine genuine heart and a sheer desire to entertain & truly communicate through music.

As he first stepped into the scene and began to perform nearly two years ago, Eyal has confidently taken his music to many stages since, touring through Israel extensively and continuing to do so throughout the year in 2018. His tireless work ethic and relentless love of the craft keeps this songwriter busy each and every day, refining his style, sound, and songs in effort to provide the people out there with a memorable experience in music that will make an impact & stick with them long after they’ve heard it.


Eyal’s authenticity shines through his material in every moment – and the people are listening. With a series of online singles being released, his music is already racking up hundreds of thousands of hits; Eyal’s insightfully relatable lyricism and stunning acoustic melodies are connecting with dedicated listeners & supportive fans from around the globe. And this is still just the beginning of the adventure.

2018 promises to be the most exciting chapter of Eyal Erlich’s career to-date. From extensive tour plans including trips abroad to play overseas, to beginning to record his debut full-length album starting in February – Eyal is seizing the momentum, inspiration and excitement surrounding his music and making the most of every opportunity that comes his way. Ready & entirely willing to share the magic of music with each and every one of YOU out there – you can expect a ton of new songs over the course of the year with new singles and videos supporting his debut record – so be ready to be part of the experience & part of the fun as Eyal gets set to make his mark in the music-scene & turn his dreams into his reality.

Scott Roddan – Bleed 432 [Album]

If you are a fan of country and folk music, keep your eye on this rise singer. Scott Roddan, or better known by his stage name Roddan, is a singer/songwriter from Seattle. His music is powerful, emotional and overall raw.

Check out the latest album titled Bleed 432 now available on Itunes, Amazon and every digital distributor.




Fixed Fate – Unplugged

Fixed Fate sculpt songs with true tenderness on the inviting sound of “Unplugged”. With “Unplugged” Fixed Fate appears to go on a mystical journey, one full of hope and determination. Careful arrangements recall Alice in Chain’s EP “Sap” for these are pieces whose haunting melodies and highly articulate thoughtful stories. Stories fixate on the tales of the underdog, those truly trying to overcome. Throughout it all Fixed Fate choose a stripped down, intimate sound that aims straight for the soul. Little flourishes go a long way from the kind intermingling of piano to the at times manic energy of the guitars. Easily the highlight of the sound comes from the fiery furious vocals that rise above, looking towards the sky.

On “Flower” Fixed Fate begin things on a regal tone. From such atmospheric beginnings, the song settles into a naturalistic rhythm. Rather reflective, the song is one of yearning for someone truly special. Delicate to its very core is the surreal scope of “Water” whose glistening guitar work adds to its impressionistic fervor. Gradually the song comes into focus with each reiteration. Showing off their impressive knack for storytelling is the collection highlight, the tale of “Billy”. Layer upon layer of guitar work adds to the spirited, unhinged performance. Tapping into a seemingly sprawling world is the ornate “Frostbite” whose tragic undertones end the collection with true style.


Sung with the utmost of heart and passion, Fixed Fate’s “Unplugged” has a timeless classic sound to it.


The Forgotten 45s – In Case You Forgot Album

Listen to the latest release from indie rock band, The Forgotten 45s!

Drum Roller Coaster – Tommy Lee

Former Husband of Baywatch babe Pam Anderson, andthe Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee takes drumming to a whole other level.