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Popn – Muzic King #RokkStar @iAmMuzicKing

Popn -  Muzic King.jpg

Inglewood, California rapper Muzic King drops off a new ratchet hit with Popn.  Its a very ratchet, west coast beat with lyricism that only a true LA rapper can deliver.



RokkStar Party – Muzic King , Indigo Ford, Milli Moto , David Sabastian & More (Vide0)

RokkStar Party



indigo bey bad




milli moto.jpg

RokkStar Party Recap – Muzic King / Chloe Riley / Aliky / Indigo Ford – Shot by JMoneyMakk



If you haven’t been to a RokkStar party yet, look forward to the next event. As they say “Ain’t No Party Like a RokkStar party”. RokkStar party’s always have a super turnt atmosphere, lots of pretty girls and amazing perfomers


Run Me That Money – Muzic King

Run-Me-That-Money Muzic King.jpg

Muzic King drops off a new cash inspired track, Run Me That Money. The beat is produced by Muzic King and the artwork is also designed by Muzic King.

Muzic King – I DONT GIVE A FUCK Live Performance

Muzic King I Dont Give A Fuck

Here’s a super rare live performance from Muzic King at a RokkStar show on stage with JMoneyMakk and Messiah B. Shot by @DennyDigital.
Listen to Muzic King on Spotify
Muzic King on Google Play


@RokkStarTV Party @MilliMoto @Rej3ctz @iAmMuzicKing @PonceDeLeioun @Maliachigh @MessiahB_MVP



RokkStar Party Monday with @Rej3ctz @PonceDeLeioun @iAmMuzicKing @MessiahB_MVP @AliikyW @MilliMoto & more


FREE RokkStar Party Thursday June 30th – Los Angeles


RokkStar Party June 30th


Donna Glytch RokkStar Party June 30

www.RokkStar.TV – Flyer Designer:


ChachiTaughtMe RokkStar Party June 30

PaperMaShay RokkStar Party June 30

www.RokkStar.TV – Flyer Designer:

Aliky W RokkStar Party June 30

www.RokkStar.TV – Flyer Designer:

Francesca Dominique RokkStar Party June 30

Chromatik RokkStar June 30thjpg

PaperMaShay RokkStar Party June 30th

www.RokkStar.TV – Flyer Designer:

Aliky RokkStar Party June 30www.RokkStar.TV – Flyer Designer:


Muzic King – I Am Muzic (Music Video & Album Download)

Muzic King

Muzic King is a rap artist and music producer from Inglewood,  California. He’s signed to his own indie label, RokkStar.

Listen to Muzic King on Spotify

I Am Muzic (Free Album Download):