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Breaking New Video: Trillz “Da Yung Apprentice” – “Chill With The Gods” (Video)

New video release from Trillz aka ‘Da Youg Apprentice”. Trillz “Da Yung Apprentice,” is a Hip-Hop and R&B musician currently based out of Brooklyn, NYC. We covered Trillz earlier in the month when he announced a possible colab with Sevyn Streeter. Check out the video for “Chill with the Gods” and learn more about Trillz below….

Born in Harlem, NY, his interest in music and the arts began at a young age. He grew up writing poetry, drawing, and taking art classes. This love of the arts and creativity transcended later into his music as he spent time in recording studios, learning from other artists and musicians. Having grown up in a less privileged neighborhood, exposed to drugs and crime throughout his childhood, Trillz “Da Yung Apprentice” turned to music through a desire to be something greater than what he saw around him. He’s set .to release his mixtape, “Road 2 Riche$ II” later this year, as well as embarking on an accompanying tour to major cities across the US. Having done several large performances in the past, including the A3C Festival in Atlanta and Miami Live, in Miami, Florida, his work is also streaming on major music platforms including iTunes and Spotify, and can be found on YouTube and at He is a voice and staple in his community and wants to continue to bring awareness to self help and continue to inspire through his music and his story.


A new sensation in the world of Hip-Hop/R&B is about to be unraveled with the emergence of Trillz “Da Yung Apprentice”. He is set to release his brand new mixtape, “Road 2 Riche$ II” later in the year and it promises to be a bang. Made on the streets of New York City but originally of Bajan and Puerto Rican descent, Trillz is passionate about lending his voice to the clamor for a New America. His deep lyrics and passionate delivery are a joy to listen to and his art is gradually gaining the recognition it deserves as he just signed a new record deal with independent label, Face Front Music.

A talented songwriter, Trillz “Da Yung Apprentice” admits being greatly influenced by the work of hip-hop greats such as Lil Wayne and Nipsey Hussle. He plans to embark on a national tour soon after the release of his mixtape. His music resonates well with the majority of the people that have listened & lent their praise to the outstanding work of the highly talented young sensation.

Many upcoming artists appear to embrace singing social-themed songs as the new way to cheat fame. But, it is easy to distinguish an artist with a passion for his art from an artist that is merely seeking glory. Trillz “Da Yung Apprentice” will be a strong force to reckon with as he draws confidence from a recent tragedy in which his best friend committed suicide. His talent speaks for it self & almost comes naturally. We can’t wait to hear this new project.
For more inquiries, please visit
Instagram @TrillzDaYungApprentice



Fa’Real, the artist with the knack for creating music that appeals to the mission and not the market, has released his next single, ‘Bedroom Savage’. The new song takes inspiration from the current lack of healthy behavior among men when it comes to pleasing women. ‘Bedroom Savage’ renews the rules of the game, and men can take note of what they must do to turn into their ideal selves again.

‘Bedroom Savage’ is about the man who takes pride in pleasing women. It is about being true and fair, and not short changing the fairer sex. This simple yet powerful message comes along with some fundamental principles that men must observe, such as eating healthy, exercising and being well endowed. Those who abide by these rules are the ones who set the flames of passion afire in their encounters with women.
“I realized that men today are craving for advice on how to improve their wellbeing. For me music has always been a mission, not a competition. ‘Bedroom Savage’ is my attempt to get the message of wellbeing across to all men,” said Fa’Real.

The inspiration behind ‘Bedroom Savage’ came to Fa’Real when he noticed increase in unhealthy behavior among men in his direct community. He encountered heavy binge drinking among his peers, rise in impotence and a general lack of knowledge on wellness related issues. A further impetus came after listening to Vybz Kartel’s record, “mhm hm”, in which the artist recommended an aphrodisiac blend of nuts, supligen, and oat meal to increase male sexual performance. These items soon became the top sales in the Carribbean.
Produced by Hype Yawz Production on their Big Brass Riddim, ‘Bedroom Savage’ is available on all leading digital outlets for purchase. The musical portfolio of Fa’Real is available on his YouTube channel, Fareal Di Realest.

“Catch Me Outside” Girl Raps – @BHADBHABIE “Hi Bich / Whachu Know” (Music Video)


The problem child has turned to rap prodigy. Bhad Bhabie is actually a good rapper and is hitting the charts.

HI BICH & WHACHU KNOW by BHAD BHABIE aka Danielle Bregoli🖤👅🐴🏁

STREAM “HI BICH“ produced by Ronny J 🖤💀🎤 🔥


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Muzic King – What It Is [MUSIC VIDEO] -(@iAmMuzicKing)

Muzic King -- What It Is.jpg

Muzic King drops a ratchet, west coast party track with a unique based visual. The visual was shot in Los Angeles and features three video models dressed in denim.

Purchase the shirt Muzic King wears in the video (all sizes available): http://www.RokkStar.TV/Shop

WHAT IT IS is a song on the Trapn Ratchet EP by Muzic King:…

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Chuck – Still Motion [music video] over Nipsey Hussle’s “I DONT STRESS” Director: Muzic King


Chuck is a rap artist from Compton, California. He grew up in the streets and attended the notorious Centennial High School, much like Compton greats that have come before him, Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre, Chucks music tells the story of a true west coast rap artist.  Chuck raps over the I Don’t Stress instrumental,  originally by Nipsey Hussle, who’s one of  the kings of  rap in Los Angeles. The Still In Motion music video is directed by Muzic King.

Instagram: @ChuckOnThaBeat

Twitter: @ChuckyLarryIII

[Video] Everybody – Turich Benjy | @turichbenjy

It’s UNDENIABLE that 2017 is shaping out to be a hell of year for Ohio native, Turich Benjy. Off the release of his most recent tape UF4. He follows up with his newest visual to “Everybody” .

DISHES – @RonSoQuiet 

North Carolina rapper Ron So Quiet, who was previously a Chef drops a interesting sounding record DISHES. We love this record. The visual is dope. The lyrics are unique & the beat is solid. We’d put Ron So Quiet in the same category of Awful Records rapper Father.


#RunMeThatMoney – Muzic King @iAmMuzicKing | shot by @JMoneyMakk


Inglewood, California rap artist Muzic King hits us with a visual for Run Me That Money. The video is self-directed by Muzic King with assistance from JMoneyMakk as the cinematographer.


Snapchat: MuzicKing

Kosky – Better Man [Official Music Video]

Kosky is an independent artist from Montreal, Canada.

The second single off the upcoming EP set to be released this summer!

“You say that people can’t change, For those they love I swear they can I’m so sorry babe, I wish I was a better man
You say I’m stuck in my ways, But I can grow, I know I can
I’m so sorry babe, I wish I was a better man”

Video by NUAGE Productions

All rights reserved © 2017

UGLY by Standing Ovation [Director: Muzic King]




Ugly is an eye catching music visual by Standing Ovation.  Standing Ovation also known as SO is a producer / MC duo, consisting of Bronze Baby Shoes on the beats and The Character on the rhymes. Ugly is featured on their newest EP Coliseum. The video was shot in Los Angeles and directed by Muzic King.


Music by SO {Standing Ovation} @_SO_SO_SO_SO

Limited Edition Cassette Tapes and Vinyl:



Jennifer Brigitte as “The Assassin”
Ashly Caruso as “Female Drug Addict”
Michael Stribling as “Thug”
David Carter as “Male Drug Addict”


Bali Baby – DO DA DASH @_BaliTree_ (music video) CoDirector: @ _QuincyBrooks

Bali Baby DO DA DASH.jpg

Bali Baby is a brazy rapper out of Atlanta. Do Da Dash is amazing visually based on the eccentric look of Bali as well as the awesome music visual editing. Bali Baby is definitely unique, both with her fashion style and her music.


Co-Directed by Bali Baby @ _QuincyBrooks



IG – @BALIONABEAT @_QuincyBrooks

Twitter – @_BaliTree_ @_QuincyBrooks

Lamb$ – No 911 x Clones [@Elevator_ music video Director @sovisuals] @INSOMNIACLAMBS


Lamb$ is a rap artist out of Ohio. Music video directed by So Visuals.


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Zdiculous Zman @Zdiculous – ARCADE (music video)

zdiculous zman - arcade.JPG

Inglewood, California based rapper Zdiculous Zman drops a very interesting new music visual for his song arcade. Zdiculous Zman drops some  very lyrical rap bars in this video, which sets him apart from the current influx of mumble rappers. Zdiculous is ridiculously dope!

Instagram: @Zdiculous

Lil B, Believe in Earth: A Very Rare and Based Visual Experience – @LilBtheBasedGod

Lil B.jpg

Lil B “The Based God” is one of modern rap’s most influential figures, a musical trailblazer whose “based” philosophy of open-mindedness and positivity has already shaped countless artists who have followed in his wake. For this very rare motivational experience featuring artists E-40, G-Eazy, Vince Staples, Clams Casino, Lil Yachty, Kreayshawn, Joey Purp, and Lil B himself, Noisey journeyed to Lil B’s hometown of Berkeley, California—and deep within ourselves—to find out what it really means to be based.






Rome LA @huntdollars  – FREE GAME 

Los Angeles based rap artist & fashion coniseur Rome LA drops a dope new visual Free Game.  Rome LA is a very talented music artist on the rise. The video is shot on Fairfax by Dolo Films