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Joey Christ – Fat Lady Sings

Emerging Hip Hip Artist Joey Christ releases his latest music video for “Fat Lady Sings”. The track went viral on Soundcloud reaching upwards of 70k listens at the time of writing this article. Joey Christ is an artist on

Check out the video below and be sure to share


Breaking New Video: Trillz “Da Yung Apprentice” – “Chill With The Gods” (Video)

New video release from Trillz aka ‘Da Youg Apprentice”. Trillz “Da Yung Apprentice,” is a Hip-Hop and R&B musician currently based out of Brooklyn, NYC. We covered Trillz earlier in the month when he announced a possible colab with Sevyn Streeter. Check out the video for “Chill with the Gods” and learn more about Trillz below….

Born in Harlem, NY, his interest in music and the arts began at a young age. He grew up writing poetry, drawing, and taking art classes. This love of the arts and creativity transcended later into his music as he spent time in recording studios, learning from other artists and musicians. Having grown up in a less privileged neighborhood, exposed to drugs and crime throughout his childhood, Trillz “Da Yung Apprentice” turned to music through a desire to be something greater than what he saw around him. He’s set .to release his mixtape, “Road 2 Riche$ II” later this year, as well as embarking on an accompanying tour to major cities across the US. Having done several large performances in the past, including the A3C Festival in Atlanta and Miami Live, in Miami, Florida, his work is also streaming on major music platforms including iTunes and Spotify, and can be found on YouTube and at He is a voice and staple in his community and wants to continue to bring awareness to self help and continue to inspire through his music and his story.


A new sensation in the world of Hip-Hop/R&B is about to be unraveled with the emergence of Trillz “Da Yung Apprentice”. He is set to release his brand new mixtape, “Road 2 Riche$ II” later in the year and it promises to be a bang. Made on the streets of New York City but originally of Bajan and Puerto Rican descent, Trillz is passionate about lending his voice to the clamor for a New America. His deep lyrics and passionate delivery are a joy to listen to and his art is gradually gaining the recognition it deserves as he just signed a new record deal with independent label, Face Front Music.

A talented songwriter, Trillz “Da Yung Apprentice” admits being greatly influenced by the work of hip-hop greats such as Lil Wayne and Nipsey Hussle. He plans to embark on a national tour soon after the release of his mixtape. His music resonates well with the majority of the people that have listened & lent their praise to the outstanding work of the highly talented young sensation.

Many upcoming artists appear to embrace singing social-themed songs as the new way to cheat fame. But, it is easy to distinguish an artist with a passion for his art from an artist that is merely seeking glory. Trillz “Da Yung Apprentice” will be a strong force to reckon with as he draws confidence from a recent tragedy in which his best friend committed suicide. His talent speaks for it self & almost comes naturally. We can’t wait to hear this new project.
For more inquiries, please visit
Instagram @TrillzDaYungApprentice

Trillz “Da Yung Apprentice” Wants to Collab With R&B Songstress Sevyn Streeter !

Trillz aka “Da Yung Apprentice”, is a rising hiphop/rap artist on the scene making his way and effectivly breaking through the underground. The talented Brooklyn Ny based, young artist has recently made know his aspirations of working with the more notable 26-year-old R&B singer, Sevyn Streeter. The anticipated colab will no doubt be a big step for Trillz. Recently Trillz dropped a video on Instagram shouting out Streeter and saying “she’s dope as F*ck” which has fueled a rumor that Trillz has a crush on the young R&B singer. Keep your eyes on Trillz and be sure to look out for his upcoming album. Following him using the links below.
Instagram @TrillzDaYungApprentice

Russian Hack Job – James Harden (Riding Rockets)

Neon-hued melodies with a collage-like approach to songwriting, the fantastic flow of Russian Hack Job’s “James Harden (Riding Rockets)” possesses hypnotic, addictive grooves. Lyrically masterful, Russian Hack Job proves to have such compelling vocalists. Layer upon layer of sound comes into the mix, resulting in a virtual kaleidoscopic style. The psychedelic quality of the track simply stuns, with multiple hooks and rhythms coming together to create a virtual tapestry. Woven together with the utmost of care, the rhythms have a nimble quality to them, feeling akin to origami at times while the beats bounce off each other. Stylistically, Russian Hack Job draws from jazz, pop, R&B, all anchored with a hip-hop aesthetic.

Glistening keys introduce the piece on a luxurious note. When the vocals come into the mix they have a commanding presence to them. From the way the groove evolves to the way that the many layers come together, it all feels so soothing. Lyrics incorporate a sci-fi aesthetic at times, while they are peppered with a wide array of pop references done with the greatest of care. Vocals increase in intensity, while they possess such a great deal of energy. Hyperkinetic to its core, the piece swirls about with such tremendous vigor. Towards the latter half of the entire piece it all reaches a virtual fevered pitch, with everything coming to a wonderful peak.

Russian Hack Job’s “James Harden (Riding Rockets)” is a transformative experience, one that deserves full and complete attention.


Fa’Real, the artist with the knack for creating music that appeals to the mission and not the market, has released his next single, ‘Bedroom Savage’. The new song takes inspiration from the current lack of healthy behavior among men when it comes to pleasing women. ‘Bedroom Savage’ renews the rules of the game, and men can take note of what they must do to turn into their ideal selves again.

‘Bedroom Savage’ is about the man who takes pride in pleasing women. It is about being true and fair, and not short changing the fairer sex. This simple yet powerful message comes along with some fundamental principles that men must observe, such as eating healthy, exercising and being well endowed. Those who abide by these rules are the ones who set the flames of passion afire in their encounters with women.
“I realized that men today are craving for advice on how to improve their wellbeing. For me music has always been a mission, not a competition. ‘Bedroom Savage’ is my attempt to get the message of wellbeing across to all men,” said Fa’Real.

The inspiration behind ‘Bedroom Savage’ came to Fa’Real when he noticed increase in unhealthy behavior among men in his direct community. He encountered heavy binge drinking among his peers, rise in impotence and a general lack of knowledge on wellness related issues. A further impetus came after listening to Vybz Kartel’s record, “mhm hm”, in which the artist recommended an aphrodisiac blend of nuts, supligen, and oat meal to increase male sexual performance. These items soon became the top sales in the Carribbean.
Produced by Hype Yawz Production on their Big Brass Riddim, ‘Bedroom Savage’ is available on all leading digital outlets for purchase. The musical portfolio of Fa’Real is available on his YouTube channel, Fareal Di Realest.

Gerard Edery – Best of Gerard Edery Vol. 1


Gerard Edery paints with an impressive palette of color on this soothing album. With a fondness for spacious atmospheres and a pastoral quality, there is an intimacy that ties the entire album together. Sung with such passion, Gerard Edergy proves to have a deft ear for melody, featuring arrangements that positively teem with life. A communal spirit appears throughout, as the songs offer a celebratory, joyful spirit. Instrumentation feels particularly rich, with light delicate rhythms and lush guitar work. By far the true heart and soul comes from Gerard Edery’s resonant vocals that grace every piece, imbuing it with a strong sense of life.

Setting the tone for the album the ornate “Bin El Barch/Ki Eshmerah Shabbat” introduces things on a high note, with triumphant guitar work and tactile percussion. Regal in temperament “Los Ejes de mi Carreta” has a mysterious aura to it. Thoughtful and contemplative “Chacarera de las Piedras” chooses a nimble path, with guitars merging together with a slightly theatrical flourish. “Lie Down Beside Me” strips things down the essentials, with shimmering tones and deep, lovely vocals adorning the entirety of the piece. A brightness permeates the highlight of the album, the tender “Tres Morillas”. An autumnal presence underlies the spirited “Des Oge Mais”. Ending the entire album on a comfortable note the rich “Where Corals Lie” neatly summarizes all that came before it.

On “Best of Gerard Edery Vol. 1” Gerard Edery brings together elements of folk, classical, and jazz into a compelling, fully complete whole.

Download or purchase Best of Gerard Edery on:

Mohammed Khider – So Many Divisions

Unity is an album conceptualized, written and sung by Mohammed Khider. Development of the Album began in early 2016. The Album’s main focus is to enlighten humanity and specifically the Muslim nation towards unification. Today the Muslim nation is deeply affected and saddened due to its lack of unity and infiltration of intolerance and extremism.

Verse 103 from Surah Al- Imran in the Holy Quran highlights the importance of unity:

  “And hold firmly to the rope of God all together and do not become divided. And remember the favor of God upon you – when you were enemies and He brought your hearts together and you became, by His favor, brothers. And you were on the edge of a pit of the Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus does God make clear to you His verses that you may be guided.”
Unity exists in many forms. First,  there exists a unity within oneself to hold steadfast against one’s own inclinations and desires. Once person is unified they can focus on their greater goal in life.  There is also unity in a family, which consists of the husband and wife, parents and children and then the greater family. Once unified,  the individual members can be focused and work towards a greater cause and be a productive component in any society at large.
Once a family is united then unification extends to our community, city and country. Disunity is the primary factor in the dissolution of marriages, families, communities and faiths.
The tracks in the Album focus on the theme of unity in its various components:
Track Details (13 tracks total):
Ya Ummati ( English and Arabic) – “O My Nation” – which refers to the cry of the Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w) for his nation. This song/nasheed stresses the importance of unity in the Muslim Nation throughout the world highlighting its most distressing concerns which specifically are the issues of oppression and suppression of the poor and weak and also the conflict between different created sects of the faith since its birth.
Zawjati (English and Urdu) – “My Wife” – a song/nasheed dedicated to my wife and also a song/nasheed to stress the importance of unity and love between a husband and wife. In today’s society, extramarital affairs are common and divorce rates are skyrocketing mainly due to the lack of concern and respect for one another among other factors.
Ya Rahman (English and Urdu)  – “O Beneficent” – A cry to the Lord of the Worlds and a question as to why so many divisions and sects have formed overtime. This song/nasheed is also a plea to unify the nation. The essence the song is realization of our current state.
Waliday Al habiban- “My Beloved Parents” – a song/nasheed dedicated to my parents and also to stress the importance of unity and love between a child and their parents. In one aspect,  dis-unification occurs initially between a husband and wife which may lead to further disunity between their children and themselves.
Ya Rabbi and Aye Khuda (English and Urdu) – “O My Lord” – A soul is searching for their Lord as it doesn’t feel content without His remembrance.  Affairs of his world, desires and wants have emptied the individual and made them devoid of guidance.  The soul questions his Lord in regards to the current state of mankind.
Ya Banati – “O my daughters” – a song dedicated to my daughters and also any individual with daughters which reflects the affection of a father for his daughters no matter what age they may be. 
Ya Rasulallah – “O Messenger of God” – a song dedicated to the messenger God who is the most cherished person in the Islamic faith. He is also our teacher in all aspects of life. Despite his detailed instructions,  we as a nation have done exactly the opposite of what he taught. Today the Muslim Nation is shown as being unjust and hateful. Our solution is to go back to his teachings.
We Cant Change Our – “we can’t change our condition until we change ourselves”. For any change to develop we must change our inner soul. A song and cry for this Ummah/Nation. If we have to be what we once were we must reflect on this.
We Must Survive – “we must survive in these dark times”. We are living in the “dark times” of the Ummah/Nation. This song stresses the importance of the initial revelation brought down  to us by the Prophet. Our goal is to use his revelation to reach our prior state


Scottie Jax Presents ‘The Cop and The Con Man’ (Full Movie 2017)

Independent hiphop artists and aspiring film maker Scottie Jax has just released the first of hopefully many short running films. The independent artist flexes his creativity in the 30 min short action film ‘The Cop and The Con Man’. Check it out on Youtube.

Danny Baxley – Crossed A Line

Danny Baxley mixes spoken poetry with dreamy pop on the beautiful “Crossed A Line”. Blurred grooves glide by with such grace over the course of the piece. Rhythms feel addictive in nature as they anchor the song’s more surreal aspects. Almost psychedelic at times the song seems to reflect upon modernity, on relationships, and the social norms that inform a person’s life. Lyrics rest at the very heart and center of the track, with the distorted vocals adding an important almost shoegaze element into the mix. By offering distant sounding vocals, Danny Baxley adds to the otherworldliness that informs the piece.

Everything starts immediately. Graceful guitar work adorns the track as the song unfurls with such style. Neatly tying together pop, alternative rock, with elements of dance thrown into the mix the song has a kaleidoscopic, all-encompassing sound to it. Volume is an absolute must for this is a song that should be felt as much as heard. Slowly but surely the song’s gradual buildup becomes ever larger, with the layers of sound swirling around in such a colorful display. Texturally rich, the way that Danny Baxley lets the melody neatly collide with this lyricism creates a song that positively teems with life. Towards the latter half of the song the piece’s mantra grows and grow until it becomes all consuming.

With “Crossed A Line” Danny Baxley creates an infectious, welcoming sound one whose ornate architecture draws the listener into a whole other world.
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Rain Valley People “Winter Mystery”

Rain Valley People will be self releasing the new song “Winter Mystery” on May 1st 2017 on their own EXMusic records

A favourite live, “Winter Mystery” has already attracted attention by being playlisted on Norwich’s’ influential radio station “Future Radio” (FM 107.8 &DAB) as well as played on BBC Radio Norfolk Introducing. Led by Anglo-french producer Alick, (All Mighty Whispers/YoannExner/Elric/FazeOne etc..)Rain Valley People have followed up their well-received debut 4 song EP with a new composition. Acoustic in spirit, “Winter Mystery” harks back to the days of solid songwriting

Originally hailing from France and now based in Norwich, UK, Alick is also half of the song writing team behind “All Mighty Whispers” (5th Album due out in 2017). Songs from the team have been heard on BBC Radio 2/5/6 Xfm, 20th Century film “Desire” , numerous compilation CDs, French TV,Japan. etc…

During 2017, Rain Valley People have been consolidating their reputation as a live act around the Norwich music scene and have so far clocked up some impressive gigs. Notable gigs around Norwich have seen them supporting Sophie Ellis-Bextor at a sold out Norwich Waterfront venue, numerous summer festivals around Norfolk (Dubs in the Hall/Gorleston Beach festival) and playing the famous “Troubadour” club in London . Rain valley People have also played the University of East Anglia twice.

Rain Valley People will be supporting the release with some choice gigs in Norwich in January.

EVE ON VOX – ‘Rough Time’ And ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’

Professional Vocalist and Model, EveOnVox has enjoyed a career that spans over fifteen years. Starting out, C&C Music Factory selected Eve to tour as their lead vocalist after her powerful vocal audition beating out over 150 candidates. In 2003, Naked Music featured her softer tones on ‘Inside’, produced by Dave Warren, ‘A Beautiful Tomorrow’, and others produced by Blue Six. She has also shared the stage with Martin Luther McCoy, Caron Wheeler, and Japanese pop artist Toshi Kubota.

Eve has worked extensively as a model for such names as Nickelodeon where she posed as Cher’s body double, DKNY, Sony, Glamour Magazine and Rite Aid to name a few. She was the face of a 7UP national commercial, featured on The View, and has walked the runway in the Final Tributary Show in Milan for Gianni Versace shorty after his tragic death.

A resident New Yorker of Caribbean origin, from Roseau, Dominica, Eve consistently pours her passion into music as a vocalist and a songwriter leading her to launch her sound and message in a music production project called EveOnVox.

One by one Eve will be releasing a few tracks titled ‘Vent Songs’. The first release called Rough Time went through many renditions starting off as a Neo Soul, morphing into a pop RnB. Currently this live acoustic version with guitar/percussionist Guitaro 5000, brings a unique Rock/Funk sound to the song. Eve’s vocals are strong and vibrant. Rough Time is catchy enough to warrant a fourth or fifth listen.

The second song we listened to, ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’, is a bit sweet. There’s a touch of Reggae, but it has more of a Retro-Soul flavour. Eve’s vocals are mellow but strong with an intense drive behind them. The instrumental is smooth and relaxing containing every element of a hit soul single. Since You’ve Been Gone is a heartfelt song which truly showcases Eve’s passion and emotion.

Check out EveOnVox on Facebook or visit for updates on her music and performances.

Kosky – Better Man [Official Music Video]

Kosky is an independent artist from Montreal, Canada.

The second single off the upcoming EP set to be released this summer!

“You say that people can’t change, For those they love I swear they can I’m so sorry babe, I wish I was a better man
You say I’m stuck in my ways, But I can grow, I know I can
I’m so sorry babe, I wish I was a better man”

Video by NUAGE Productions

All rights reserved © 2017